Stockholm surprise

Matthew Collins - 07 08 12
Weston: No recollection of that fateful night?

Weston: No recollection of that fateful night?

By all accounts the meeting of Islamaphobes in Sweden on the weekend was more than a bit of a disaster.

Despite a thousand people turning up to the outdoor rally in Stockholm, it appears that 965 of them were in fact there to drown the meeting out in a sea of noise created by Vuvuzelas, the rather annoying trumpet that rose to fame at the last football World Cup.

Some people (er, me) suggested that this trip was just another excuse for the EDL and British Freedom Party leadership to neck off to Europe for a few pints. I seem to have had a picture in my head of “Tommy” sitting on Kevin Carroll’s lap on the flight over there while Captain Paul Weston, their posh Fuhrer, made sure that both of his pocket monkies were well stocked up on in-flight peanuts.

Yesterday, Weston urgently announced that he had been assaulted on the Saturday night in Stockholm while outside a restaurant. The two Swedish colleagues that he was with were also “rumoured” to have been abducted and badly beaten. Weston was desperate to find out what had happened to his colleagues and asked all “allied” websites to share his plea for more information.

This morning the desperate message on the BFP website from their leader has been removed. One of the supposed victims of this outrage has also written rather confusingly that he wasn’t “beaten at all”.

So what happened. Was the night just a bit of a blur, a little hard for Weston to remember exactly where he was or who he was with?

Looking at this picture taken of Weston while he was in Stockholm, I’d guess that it is more likely that he bumped into a time travelling Keith Richards from the past and par took far too much alcohol to recollect anything that happened to him at all.

In the likely parlance of Lennon and Carroll, it was probably just a “dodgy pint” after all.

Weston's plea

Weston’s plea


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