British Freedom & Kev’s police state

Matthew Collins - 28 08 12
Kev: He never touches a drop

Kev: He never touches a drop

Kevin Carroll is new to this politics game. But still, no sooner had he announced he was standing for the job of Police Commissioner in Bedfordshire, the porky pies came thick and fast.

Now Kev’s opened a Facebook page where he can meet and greet his public. Never mind that most of them appear to be his Facebook friends, the “Ginger Ninja” is positively kissing the cyber babies and spouting bucket after bucket of bullshit to all who will listen.

Like most tiny hate groups, the word “freedom” in the name of Kev’s party (the British Freedom Party) seems a word and expression that extends only to those who agree with them.

Kev is (apparently) standing on a platform that allows freedom of expression from “undue restrictions on speech and expression”. So basically, although it is not in the remit of Police Commissioner, Kev wants it to be made clear that his thug mates (who have stayed away in mass numbers from joining the party) can basically run around anywhere they want in Bedfordshire expressing themselves should he get elected.

This could mean anything from the freedom for EDL members to run around calling everyone a “Paki” while smashing up the place, to their other favourite past time of urinating up the side of those very churches they claim they want to protect so much.

Kev’s just not very clear on it, but he does know that people not being allowed to piss up against church walls and smash up restaurants, is the fault of a government that “disregard the will of the people”. And Muslims too, obviously.

Gone too it would appear, is the old EDL chestnut that the EDL is not racist. That actually slipped a long time ago, but let’s get our racism right out into the open shall we?

Forget Kev’s tale about being the son of Irish immigrants, as far as he’s concerned immigration causes “economic and social damage” two of the very things that the EDL have in fact visited on many a small towns themselves.

Kev wants freedom of speech to be “universal if it is to mean anything at all” which sounds absolutely spot on. Perhaps the death threats issued by EDL supporters against journalists will stop if Kev is elected? After all, a free press is the most important thing about a free and civil society.

We doubt that will happen however, very, very much

Kev: The future commissioner knows how to cut and paste

Kev: The future commissioner knows how to cut and paste


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