Do we mean a lynching?

Matthew Collins - 28 08 12
Justice: is this what the BNP means?

Justice: is this what the BNP means?

The BNP never miss a trick. Expect any minute now to hear how a Muslim bridge attacked their all white “Lie Lorry” in Sunderland on the weekend.

Last night, the BNP launched their “Justice Department” because the party says it is sick and tired of judges granting “Taliban members, foreign paedophiles, foreign rapists, Islamic terrorists and foreign murderers permission to stay in Britain.”

But it’s not just those unlikely and contentious issues that wind the BNP up, heaven forbid. Some councillors, according to the BNP, “grant planning permission for Mosques to be built or established in buildings in their wards”. Of course, this is rather an annoyance to the BNP as they have only two remaining councillors themselves who vote on absolutely nothing. When they did have voting councillors, they actually suggested building large Dickensian children’s homes and caravan sites.

The BNP is by all accounts now finished as an electoral force. They hardly produce leaflets and newspapers any more, and most of their members spend their time making racist comments on the internet than doing any serious work.

So, in the absence of any elected representation, public support, decency, democratic will or understanding, if the BNP does not like what democratically elected councillors are doing “against the will of the people”, they say they will now “mobilise a team of BNP activists to demonstrate outside their home address”.

Crosses will burn, no doubt. Let’s hope they don’t send the idiot who drives their truck!


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