It’s hate Jim, and everyone knows it

Matthew Collins - 28 08 12
New brochure: Same old BNP racism

New brochure: Same old BNP racism

In case you do not remember Nick Griffin’s former Consigliere Jim Dowson, here’s a few reminders here and here. He’s the gun-toting militant anti-abortionist who made the BNP rich for a while and then threw his toys out of the proverbial pram and got the party mixed up in all kinds of nonsense with alleged paramilitaries.

Since leaving the BNP in a very fine mess, Jim has gone back to his old ways of bothering God about a woman’s right to choose what to do with their bodies, standing outside of family planning clinics with a sandwich board and a filthy mouth and generally making the lives of young women in Belfast almost unbearable.

But the BNP fear Jim. Jim knows where more than few of their bodies are buried and he also has the BNP’s membership lists to boot. When he’s not hanging about outside family planning clinics, he still likes to try his hand at a little race hate politics, after all, for him it was a “nice little earner” as he told the Irish papers.

Last week we reported how Dowson had managed to get an advance copy of a document his old mate Nick Griffin was preparing to produce about the grooming issue involving some Muslim men and young white girls.

Griffin had jumped on a plane and it appears that everything down to the artwork and content of Grififn’s prized work had “magically” fallen into Dowson’s palms.

5000 copies of the document are now out in circulation, but not with the BNP’s imprint, but with Dowson’s own Nutzi grouping Britain First taking the credit for the work.

Jim may have actually done Griffin a favour. If the reaction to this vile piece of racist propaganda is anything to go by so far, Jim could be about to face a knock on the door, and not by Martin Reynolds and his crew of coffee table hooligans.

Mosques across the country have this morning received Dowson’s “Muslim Grooming-Britain’s Secret Shame” document and the response from most has been to call the police.

Of further interest we understand will be the Post Office. We hear they’re about to start court proceedings against Griffin and Dowson over a £50,000 bill for unpaid postage from when the two were sweet friends and not such bitter enemies.

Dowson & Griffin: They even wore matching shirts

Dowson & Griffin: They even wore matching shirts


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