The Nutzis are falling out..

Matthew Collins - 28 08 12
Snowy: Could the grass be greener in Ireland?

Snowy: Could the grass be greener in Ireland?

A life of racial hatred is never rewarding. Excessive Morris dancing and masturbation awaits you and there’s never even the respite of a curry or a kebab to look forward to either.

Plus, there’s just not enough of you to go around. You keep bumping into the same old muppets with the same old bag of glue and crack pipe. It would be like ‘Groundhog Day’ except that’s an American institution and we like our Nazis to be British. Like fish and chips; without the curry sauce.

Occasionally a Nutzi will have enough of his life. Take John “Snowy” Shaw (please). He’s apparently had enough. He says this quite regularly. He’s had enough of starving animals to death, abandoning his wife and kids and disrupting and part destroying one of the most active and violent street movements [the EDL] since the National Front in the 1970’s.

He now says that he is going to take that “job” he was offered in Derry,Northern Ireland. Derry’s the place he goes to hang out with people that are allegedly Loyalists. How he affords to get there so often and how he affords the large amount of “recreational” activity he pursues while there is anyone’s business. But mainly the tax payer’s one would assume.

“Snowy” now says he has had enough of all the fighting in the far-right in Britain. Things are not progressing, apparently. So, one job done and another on offer in Ireland one assumes? Do the PSNI really need another wayward individual?

The latest round of infighting concerns the “Infidels” and the National Front. The Infidels have been cosying up to BNP leader Nick Griffin of late so they have decided that the National Front (who have been far more active than the BNP of late) are suddenly persona non grata on “Infidel” demonstrations. It has caused somewhat of an outrage. The “Infidels” liked a bit of Nazism themselves when it suited “Snowy” initially. It helped drive a temporary wedge between his crack gang and the EDL’s tiny minority of Jewish supporters. There was outrage.

Now the Infidels have decided that the NF are too Nazi for their tastes, despite them all only just becoming great friends. They are inexplicably falling out with each other. (This always happens on Facebook, for those too slow to keep up.)

A planned “Infidels” demo in Sunderland is now in jeopardy because the Infidels do not want the NF’s banners there. And the NF have taken quite a bit of issue with this, not surprisingly. Their North East organiser is notorious not just for being a convicted thug and burglar, but also for having the name of a Nazi rock band once tattooed across his forehead! So now the NF are reminding everybody that they have been around for years and years, and despite achieving nothing in over forty five years, they deserve to be respected.

Another of the perennially unemployable to also take offence to this change of tact by the “Infidels” is Kevin Watmough. There is no record of the British People’s Party leader ever having done a day’s work in his life, but he ekes a living out selling Nazi badges, books and flags to other fascists (normally the NF) while his wife Kathleen tries to hide her Nazi sympathies whilst running a care home franchise in Yorkshire. The thought of Little Kev, who also runs the “Redwatch” website not being able to afford his eight cans of white lightning per day if he can’t flog Nazi badges at EDL and “Infidel” demos is bound to cause her to go on one of her notorious rants any moment now.

It’s good when violent Nutzis fall out. It gives the rest of the decent world an opportunity to get on with contributing towards a decent and humane society.

I’d say it was job well done, Snowy.

NF: Does anyone remember them?

NF: Does anyone remember them?


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