Brain surgeons of the world unite!

Matthew Collins - 30 08 12
Bayliss: on his way

Bayliss: on his way

Earlier today I wrote about how the police in Walthamstow had no intelligence that would suggest there is any trouble being planned for Saturday.

Thanks to our eagle-eyed friends at EDL News, a little more intelligence has come our way. Mike Bayliss is the former car thief from Bath who runs the EDL in the South West. He’s going to Walthamstow on Saturday too, and here is what he is hoping for. (This is taken from Facebook, for those who can’t keep up)

Bayliss also came to London when the two Asian men were attacked by the EDL in Dagenham, though of course he hid himself and his camera far away from prying eyes afterwards.

Bayliss and others are hoping it “kicks off” in Walthamstow on Saturday. Perhaps they know something that the police do not?

Bayliss: Brain surgeons have removed his thoughts

Bayliss: Brain surgeons have removed his thoughts


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