EDL to counteract violence with boredom

Matthew Collins - 30 08 12
Weston: he loves a jolly up with the lads

Weston: he loves a jolly up with the lads

The EDL’s political wing, the British Freedom Party (BFP), has moved swiftly to ensure that their members will suffer some [further] humilation in Walthamstow this weekend, when their posh leader Paul Weston gets up to speak at the planned rally.

Being posh does not make you clever, however. As posh as he is, Weston often makes Nick Griffin look capable of unwrapping a toffee crisp unaided.

We’ve written about Weston lots of times before. He may manage to keep the likes of Lennon and Carroll in awe by being able to use the correct fork for his smoked salmon, but time has proven that Paul is perhaps leading the EDL’s political wing since a career in rocket science became unavailable to him at the last moment.

Among notable Weston musings are that Britain ‘possibly’ has an elected upper house, and that despite being the leader of a supposedly ambitious political party, he has no idea how many seats there are in the House of Commons.

What he does know is that the British Freedom Party plans to stand in every seat at the next election, no matter how many there are (lots, Paul. Lots and lots.)

How Walthamstow will compare to the other delightful places Weston has travelled to in his life of fighting ‘creeping Sharia’, Osama Bin Laden and poor table manners and etiquette, will be anyone’s guess. Let’s just hope that the EDL lay on something a bit more classy for him rather than their usual bargain basement booze of choice.

Paul’s last big outing with the lads finished in bizarre circumstances when he claimed to have been party to a mugging by ‘savage reds’ in Sweden. But it turned out that, in fact, he had not. The whole night out in Stockholm was just a blur, it seems.

So, while the EDL are trying to smash up the place, at least the people of Walthamstow will have the smooth tones of a public school educated toff to take their mind off drunken morons urinating against their shop windows.


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