Posh writes to David over England future

Matthew Collins - 31 08 12
Weston: The BFP's leader wrote a letter

Weston: The BFP’s leader wrote a letter

Fresh from some people insisting that the leader of the EDL’s political front, the British Freedom Party (BFP), is not as smart as he is posh, the Cyber-Synod that is the BFP has bitten back.

Last night the Party released a series of statements and mind boggling missives that Paul Weston made previously in his self-appointed capacity as all round political heavyweight and the embodiment and spokesperson for God.

There’s a few issues to take with one letter in particular. Weston wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this year warning the PM that the “working man” of England “who must face the reality of living in our rapidly increasing Islamic areas” was very angry. Not about jobs, the Littlewoods pools or health cuts, but “demographics” and the “Islamic reality”. Strong stuff, but he actually failed to provide the demographics he mentioned. So who knows what he was talking about?

Weston also warned Cameron that “The rise of Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League signify (sic) the initial stage of an inevitable religious civil war in Britain”. Tough stuff. These ‘fight them on the beaches’ speeches make me despair. Because if there is one thing we can guarantee, it is that he would not be there.

Understandably, Cameron never published the letter or made the contents known to the public. After all, like most people he knows that the rise of scum like the mythical “Tommy Robinson” will give itself whatever name it wants.

But the content of the letter actually reveals a lot about the BFP. Those “working” men might be tugging at their leash, but Posh Paul warns that “Old Etonians, Oxbridge graduates and the champagne socialists” are going to be given a jolly hard time too and the country faces a “truly terrible future for Britain and its betrayed indigenous people” if nobody listens to Paul and the EDL.

That’s hard stuff. But, of course, Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll who run the EDL won’t be having a hard time because we see little evidence at all of them actually being “working” men . And further to that, they have both been on record as saying that they are of Irish descent-so they are not particularly indigenous either way. Maybe we should deport the buggers?

It must have taken Paul ages to think up such a hard-hitting letter. Confusion reigns here, though. Is it the English or the British he’s worried about? Are the English going to invade Scotland during this civil war? And who are the English, and what colour are they?

All I know is that those three lions on their football shirts never sprung from England’s dirt. Are the BFP going to deport St George back to Turkey?

Paul will no doubt enlighten people tomorrow at the EDL’s “peacful” protest in Walhamstow, East London. One of their bright sparks even asked the HNH twitter team last night from where he could purchase a broken bottle.

nb: a couple of lines here were stolen from pop songs by Billy Bragg and the Beautiful South.

That letter: Nobody can find the original, obviously

That letter: Nobody can find the original, obviously


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