Adam’s hollow apology

Matthew Collins - 12 09 12


The BNP’s “party manager” Adam Walker has issued an apology for his criminal behaviour.

Walker narrowly avoided prison last week for an incident which involved him leaving a pub in a four wheel drive and chasing after some young boys on their bikes.

Walker admits that he “followed the youths in my Land Rover and when they stopped, I got out of the car, took my craft knife and punctured the tyres of their bicycles. I then got back into my car and left the scene”.

Pleading guilty to dangerous driving, possession of a bladed instrument, criminal damage and a Section Four public order offence, Walker now wishes that he could turn the clock back.

The apology appears to be only to his party members and not to the children he terrorised, however. It quickly runs thin with attacks on the children involved, describing them as “anti-social youths” and further complains that he and his solicitor found it hard to gain access to the children’s school records.

Walker’s advise is that if people have a complaint about anti-social behaviour they should take it to the police and presumably not chase after young children with a knife. We’re glad he could clear that up for us because it was only last month that the BNP suggested it was right to take the law into your own hands and announced that the party planned a camapign of victimization and intimidation against people that they did not like.

I think he’s only sorry that we was caught and convicted, which is something we expect when the likes of him engage in anti-social behaviour and bullying of young children. Knife crime is a scourge on the good people of this country.


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