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Matthew Collins - 14 09 12
Kev Bryan: NF's deputy wants to save the white race from the BNP

Kev Bryan: NF’s deputy wants to save the white race from the BNP

Well, the NF and the BNP went head to head last night in Burnley and despite the tough talk from the NF (most of their literature was about the BNP not being Nazi enough) they still got trounced, coming last of the six candidates in Trinity ward.

The NF will be feeling a little down this morning as a result of this disaster. They worked themselves to the bonehead delivering their leaflets while at the same time seeing our anti-NF and anti-BNP leaflets being delivered. It works out that the NF got one vote for every three hundred leaflets that they delivered. Deputy leader Kev Bryan even took the opportunity of a rare interview to attack the BNP and not properly promote the NF. There will be more calls among their number now to just dump electioneering completely.

Not to be outdone in pointless electioneering, we revisited our old “friend” David Jones this week, with another timely reminder that Nazis are as thick as they are dangerous.

We have a bit of a soft spot for Dave. I once called him a village idiot and he complained angrily that he did not live in a village. I have made a solemn promise never to mention Christine again, either.

Dave’s upset again this morning as his plans for a Titanic election campaign have come unstuck already. Having got the dates completely wrong for the elections, he is blaming the council and not himself. Not to worry though, Dave. I’m sure your ship is likely to sink no matter when you sail it.

To avoid another visit from the powers that be, I suggest that Dave records every penny he receives for his campaign. You know what the Tories are like with people receiving undeclared payments whilst claiming benefits…

The war of words between Nick Griffin and Stephen Lennon was as humorous as ever. Even the Daily Telegraph was concerned enough to ask whether Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) was having some kind of breakdown. This was in reference to last week’s forty odd minute rant by Lennon about people questioning his finances and his commitment to the “cause”. Lennon laid into everyone as he pleaded poverty (tis true, I hear his Mum has been forced to drive his Bentley before the police get their hands on it) and Stephen was most unhappy that some EDL people had taken exception to he and Kevin Carroll leaving them in Walthamstow earlier in the month.

Lennon’s attacks on BNP leader Nick Griffin during the video were very personal and angry. With Griffin now feeling he can attack the diminishing EDL without fear of reprisal it seems that it’s time for an open warfare between them.Griffin has told those close to him that with Lennon facing possibility of being sent to jail later this year, now is time for the BNP to finish off the EDL once and for all. Given that at times Griffin and Lennon share the same bodyguards, it’s not surprising that Lennon heard of Griffin’s speech in Essex to that very effect just before the decision to begin his video rant.

Like all far-right leaders in the history of this country, Lennon also pleaded extreme poverty. He claimed in the video rant that he is three months in arrears with his mortgage payments and that he and his wife have separated as a result of the financial stresses he has been placed under (by his own actions). Having made his case and pleaded poverty, he then flew off to New York for a conference with cousin Kevin Carroll and the very posh Paul Weston.

Promises by the EDL to return to Walthamstow after their humiliation earlier this month could be little more than threats, too. The Barry based bullshit artist Jeff Marsh has begun instructing his people to prepare to go shopping in London instead!

We’re still waiting for the people of Walthamstow to receive their apology after the racist lies by the BNP and the EDL from the last time they were there.

It has been a big week for apologies as you may be aware. The BNP’s Adam Walker made one about his conviction related to chasing young children with a knife.Walker teaches karate in Spennymoor to young children. Surely something should be done about that very soon, too?

Leaflet: Hope Not Hate were active against the BNP & NF

Leaflet: Hope Not Hate were active against the BNP & NF


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