Far-right round-up

Matthew Collins - 28 09 12
The "master" race

The "master" race

Blood and Honour had a little shindig in the countryside last weekend, not that we get to see much of their faces these days, but this is what the master race looks like if anyone is interested.

A similar assortment will be in Oldham this Saturday for a gig in support of the Toy-town terrorists of the Combined ex-Forces (CxF). What joy..

It’s been an up and down week for Nick Griffin who is making a real habit of talking tough down the lens of a video camera and attacking Stephen Lennon of the EDL. History says that Lennon has a very short fuse and Griffin may have pushed Lennon over the edge. No doubt Lennon will respond as soon as he finishes whichever bender he is on this week.

The bad news for Griffin is that Jim Dowson has decided to throw his not inconsiderable dubious marketing talents behind the English Democrats, the party where people who hate Griffin tend to end up. Dowson’s decision should help both raise the English Democrats coffers and Griffin’s blood pressure. But it’ll all end in tears. Mark my words.

Still, Griffin does have the apparent admiration of Rod Liddle to fall back on. Liddle wrote in yesterday’s Sun newspaper how “I’m no fan of the British National Party, because I hate racism,” but the BNP had been warning about grooming since 2001.

Liddle obviously forgets that they also warned that Jews ran the world, lied about the Holocaust [Jewish conspiracy], believe climate change was a myth [Jewish conspiracy] and that black people are inferior to the handsome white race. Of course, at that time one of the BNP lead organisers was a convicted gang rapist and only a couple of years ago another BNP organiser was imprisoned for grooming a young girl in Blackburn also.

Liddle continued that it was “No wonder, then, that so many local people gave up hope in the civilised mainstream parties and turned towards the BNP. This is what happens when political correctness gets in the way of common sense and common decency.”

Liddle is hardly one to lecture on common decency. That’s probably why he writes for the Sun.

The British Facebook Party, the political wing of the EDL are busy doing nothing to help Kevin Carroll not get elected to the job of Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire.

Not to be outdone in the race to be idiot of the week, Carroll has been photographed outside of New Scotland Yard for a leaflet that nobody is likely to receive.

Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police. Obviously Kevin is unaware that Bedfordshire is not in London? How can somebody who is in and out of police stations not find one in the whole of Bedfordshire to stand outside of?

Big idiot

Carroll: Idiot of the week

Carroll: Idiot of the week


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