Griffin’s Fenian problems

Matthew Collins - 03 10 12
Jenny Griffin (far left): When the family were

Jenny Griffin (far left): When the family were “Super prods”

Nick Griffin is due on Northern Ireland’s Steve Nolan show tonight to try and justify the comments he made at the Covenance parade last weekend that those who did not like seeing him there were “Fenian Bastards.”

For those Fenians who did object, they should expect nothing different from this man. For any other Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Athiest, Muslim or dissenter who also objected and also labelled “Fenian Bastards” by Griffin, they should not expect much from him either. Especially the Orangeman who described Griffin as a knuckle-dragger

The NF and the BNP have always seen themselves as sole protectors of the Union between Britain and Northern Ireland. A hatred of the Irish, and Irish Catholics in particular, have formed a major part of far-right ideology in Britain for decades. Bizarrely, though, it has not stopped either Catholics or people of Irish descent finding themselves propping up the ranks of these groups. Irish descent has been welcome, Irish dissent violently opposed.

For a while Griffin himself laid off the hardline anti-Irish stuff, to disastrous effect. In the late 1980’s the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) – the largest paramilitary group in Europe – took exception to Griffin and his colleagues in the old NF going on and on about how wonderful Colonel Gaddafi was. Gaddafi was funding the UDA’s enemies in the IRA at the time.

Then, to make matters worse for Griffin, some in the NF decided to convert to Catholicism and the UDA were forced to ask the NF, ever so politely, to leave Belfast.

A couple of years ago, Liverpool BNP caused outrage when they turned up on a demonstration with the Irish Tricolour sewn onto their party banner. It was a two-fold outrage because, although it had the English, Scottish and Welsh flags on it too, it ommitted the flag of the most Loyal Northern Ireland. The outrage was of course, all theirs (other BNP members).

Griffin actually does believe in a united Ireland. Sadly for those “Fenian Bastards” that he detests, it would be under some new form of British colonial control, with him as all-knowing Fuhrer. Never mind, Fenians. At least he thinks you are all white.

Griffin’s back doing the hardline stuff because some Loyalists in Northern Ireland have taken a dislike to him recently, mainly due to the fact he has treated the place as some kind of get-rich-quick backwater for his shady party, and it has had its consequences before already.

His golden child and BNP-employed daughter had to dump her job carrying flags for a Loyalist marching band once the debts her father accumulated took their toll on people there.

Of course, some may even have reason to doubt Griffin’s Loyalism. He had no problem with meeting alleged “Fenian Bastards” earlier this year. In fact, according to Griffin, they were all “on the same side now”. And, to be fair, one or two others close to Griffin do not seem to mind popping up alongside the odd “Fenian” mural now and then either

This morning, Griffin even made reference to the slur against the police in Northern Ireland that they are all “black bastards”. He really is classy. In one tweet from March this year, Griffin fondly reminisced about a “good friend” called George Seawright. Seawright once said that Irish Catholics should be incinerated! “Fenians” shot him because of that.

So, really, why does Steve Nolan want to even ask Griffin to justify himself? The answer won’t be true, it won’t be honest, and the thinking behind whatever he says will change like the flavour in a boiled sweet once he’s sucked the life out of it.

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Desperate: When Griffin was scared, he recalled a man who hated him.

Desperate: When Griffin was scared, he recalled a man who hated him.


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