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Matthew Collins - 06 10 12
Griffin: Made himself look daft again

Griffin: Made himself look daft again

Nick Griffin found himself back on the television for the first time in ages last week, and for those who have not seen it, you did not miss much.

Griffin still opens his mouth without engaging brain, still has nothing of any substance to say and still goes into these interviews unprepared without facts or figures to back up whatever lies he likes to tell.

The strange thing about Griffin’s appearance on BBC Northern Ireland’s Nolan Show, was that it was as close to an actual televised debate Griffin has done since his disastrous appearance on Question Time in 2009. And yet, he was still unprepared. Does he somehow believe his charm is all he will need? When ever Griffin gets a public hammering, he begins a bizarre ritual of laughing, rubbing hands and almost cheering on his attackers. On Wednesday night, as he was basically called and proven an idiot, Griffin reverted to form and threw his head back in delight. He really does appear to be a masochist in the absence of even a modicum of acumen. I bet Bonnie Greer was happy she wasn’t sitting next to him again.

For the record, Griffin’s ridiculous tweet that landed him on the Nolan Show was re-tweeted 1200 times, that’s more re-tweets than votes his party actually got in Northern Ireland the last time around. I gave up counting his barefaced lies when he told the program that he would never give a statement to the police!

Bizarrely for the BNP another scandal with an Irish flavour is potentially unravelling down in Torquay. One James Connolly passed away last week aged 93 and there’s allegedly one almighty stink about the way the BNP has turned up on his doorstep and apparently taken over the dead man’s home. This one will run and run, no doubt…

Elsewhere, the EDL continue to complain that their split heads are some kind of result of undue police brutality. To say their complaints are falling on deaf ears is an understatement. Why on earth people do not believe the lie that the EDL are some kind of peaceful church group would appear to be a mystery to them only.

The English Democrats have picked up a few former BNP bigwigs in their time. Perhaps this explains some rather BNP-esque behaviour from Steve Mcellenborough, one of their senior members on Merseyside.

Not to be silenced, senior EDP member Steve Uncles pressed ahead with the launch of his manifesto for the Police and Crime Commissioner’s job in Kent with a brilliantly stage-managed press conference in Kent last Wednesday.

Apparently there was a full room “including the BBC” to hear Uncles explain the English Democrats’ polices. I’m making no comment, except for suggesting viewers may wonder how the “packed room” that allegedly included the BBC, managed to sit through this without making a sound. Not one cough, not one question… And then they can perhaps tell us where is the resulting press coverage from the packed conference.

I wasn’t even invited!

English Democrats: policy launched in mysterious silence..

English Democrats: policy launched in mysterious silence..


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