Far-right roundup

Matthew Collins - 22 10 12
Weston: Does he sing when he's (not) winning?

Weston: Does he sing when he’s (not) winning?

Apologies for being a little late. We decided to hold over the far-right roundup because, like most of the free world, we were waiting for Mr Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s spectacular crash and burn on Saturday afternoon.

The hunt inside the EDL appears to be well and truly on to find out whose loose lips sunk their removal ship that had 53 of England’s finest lined up by plod on Saturday afternoon. Everyone in the EDL is blaming “Babs”, and most certainly not any coked up idiot with a large gob and a bottle of Smirnoff attached to their paw. Fair play, though I doubt we’ll see any EDL members making a last ditch Rudolf Hess style peace flight just yet.

One should also expect to see the BNP’s Nick Griffin offering statesman-like legal advice to the 53 motorway sheep.Griffin’s immortal words will be “say nothing, act tough”, which is stock-standard Griffin advice. Unless, of course, he’s actually given the opportunity to perform a one-man Aria himself.

Instead of “far-right roundup”, this column should have been called “Idiot of the week”. Desperate Nick Griffin led the charge for the gold medal for most of the week with some good old fashioned ‘queer-baiting’, while at the same time hoping that nobody recalled the allegations that Nick himself is allegedly no stranger to man-love. Google it if you have to. It’s amusing reading.

While Griffin got his desired fifteen minutes more of infamy, his mini-me in the BFP, the frightfully posh but unimportant Paul Weston, has sent his minion Michael Wood on to Twitter to deny that Weston was in the EDL’s ill-fated party heading to London on the weekend. If regular readers could let us know if you spotted Weston at any of your regular backyard boozefests, we’d be most grateful.

It would appear that a few more EDL members have been getting their doors taken off their hinges by the constabulary this morning, and one suspects this will continue for at least as long as the EDL remain an (dis)organised army of drug addled nonentities and thugs.

Elsewhere, Andrew Brons MEP announced that he was finally quitting the BNP. I’m sure most of you assumed he already had long ago, and has been living in a retirement home somewhere. He has. It’s called Brussels.

Our old friend Jim Dowson also took a break from harassing Muslims to concentrate on his pastime of harassing young women outside abortion clinics last week. Jim is now described by the Irish press as a “millionaire”. I bet that is cold comfort to women who have to endure his abuse.

Dowson: Being rich does not allow you ownership of others.

Dowson: Being rich does not allow you ownership of others.


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