EDL heading to the wall?

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Kev Says: And nobody likes..

Kev Says: And nobody likes..

With EDL leader Stephen Lennon aka Tommy Robinson and even possibly, Paul Harris, enjoying free board and porridge courtesy of the British tax payer, cousin Kevin Carroll has been throwing his own weight around.

Since finding a shirt and tie that fits, ‘Big Kev’ has conducted himself in statesman-like terms when addressing the EDL membership. Kev’s prime task since Lennon’s incarceration has been to empty beer tokens from the pockets of the remaining EDL supporters to help fund Lennon’s louche life style now he’s not around to do it himself.

In true EDL fashion, these things are best done in a ranting and illiterate fashion with a hint of biblical bastardry and, of course, self promotion:

First comes the slap on the back for the dwindling army of thugs. “There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary that can describe the bravery of genuinely loyal and patriotic EDL members,” writes Carroll on the EDL website.

Here at HNH we can assume he has only the Oxford Junior edition of the English dicitionary. But still, even that edition has magic words like lumpen and thug in it. Kevin must try harder if he wants to be a Police Commissioner. And maybe get a thesaurus too.

But then Kev continues the fine EDL tradition of laying into his critics without naming them, thereby increasing the drug and booze fuelled paranoia that runs through the organisation; in Carroll’s words “somewhat tempered with a disturbing reality.”

The reality is, not only has Casuals United boss Jeff Marsh (unsurprisingly) begun a campaign to replace Lennon, some inside the organisation are “intent on ruining our grass roots street movement, people with alternative agendas, people serving the interests of groups who want to ride on the back of our success, people who want to entice our members to serve a different goal, a different agenda, they spread their poison and their gossip amongst the rank and file of the EDL, they are vermin.”

Strong stuff. Describing rats leaving the sinking ship as vermin is also accurate. But he’s not finished. “Since Tommy has been remanded these false patriots have decided to escalate their campaigns of divide and rule, they spread disinformation, they call for new leadership…” Basically, the very things that Jeff Marsh has been doing since the EDL began.

Kevin’s biggest gripe is that these same people may be blocking money getting to Lennon, the very lad who “is on his arse on remand with no money, no legal council, no legal aid, his family living in fear on a daily basis, his children threatened, his wife threatened..”

I’m sure the hundreds of victims of EDL violence around the country are desperately sorry to hear this. Or this even: “Tommy and I live in a town with 50,000 Muslims, most of whom would almost certainly love to see us dead or beaten to a pulp.” I mean, come on Kevin, what about those Muslims that have to live in a town with EDL thugs on the roam?

And whatever did happen about that mysterious gun attack on Kevin’s home?

In response to Carroll’s statement, Essex EDL had what may be called a major sense-of-humour failure. They have been the most violent and loyal of EDL divisions, but it seems they are not happy. In a response to Carroll’s statement, they wrote: “We in essex have stood for three years without your help yet remained true to the EDL dont destroy THAT OR YOU WILL OSE ONE OF THE MOST LOYAL AND ACTIVE DIVISIONS ON THE SOUTH NFSE.”

That’s shouting talk, too. And then up went a facebook page (for this is where these things happen) calling for Essex leader Paul Pitt to be installed as leader.

The EDL is nothing but a refuge for idiots.

Poor old Diane: Always the last to know..

Poor old Diane: Always the last to know..


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