Tables turn on Redwatch hatemonger

Matthew Collins - 01 11 12
Watmough: The keyboard warrior of the far-right

Watmough: The keyboard warrior of the far-right

Notorious Yorkshire Nazi Kevin Watmough is complaining that he has been targeted for abuse.

Funnily enough, Watmough is not being targeted by one of the many thousands of Trade Unionists and antifascists who are in turn targeted by Watmough’s Redwatch website, but in fact by one of his own number of fellow Nazis.

Watmough is a notorious figure who has run the Redwatch website for years. It collects the names and addresses of people that Watmough disagrees with, then encourages his fellow Nutzis to target them for abuse, intimidation and violence.

Quite often, the information on the site is wrong. Quite often the people listed are simply people who have marched against wars or even collected signatures to save their local library or hospital. In Watmough’s vile world, anyone can be a target: Teachers, nurses, doctors, actors, politicians, librarians, foreigners, etc, etc

Watmough’s other claim to fame was his tiny party’s campaign to free “political prisoner” Martyn Gilleard – a close associate of Watmough’s who was also uncovered as a paedophile.

When not campaigning for the release of violent paedophiles, Watmough is now hanging around with the CxF, NF and North West Infidels. He makes a living selling them Nazi badges as his own party, the British People’s Party, has ground to a halt.

Being targeted for harrasment or attack by “fellow travellers” is never nice, but I doubt many people will be shedding a tear in angst for the man dubbed the “poison dwarf” as a result of his years of hatred, violence and abuse.


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