Time to ask Geller some tough questions?

Matthew Collins - 01 11 12
Geller: How about answering some questions of your own?

Geller: How about answering some questions of your own?

Pamella Geller has begun asking people to contribute to the “defence” fund for imprisoned EDL leader Stephen Lennon.

New York based blogger Geller is a real fan of the EDL, even contributing to the spreading of lies on behalf of the group when it comes to helping fill their coffers.

Geller normally spends her time blogging outrageous anti-Islamic conspiracy theories, but is not averse to helping spread the unhelpful lie that Lennon’s name is actually Tommy Robinson.

Geller also keenly repeats the myth that not only is Lennon a “political prisoner” despite his alleged criminal nature of the investigation into him, but also that Lennon is somehow a “victim” of a conspiracy while being held on remand.

For those who do not know, Lennon is actually on remand for of all things, charges relating to the alleged use of false documents to enter America, for a meeting organised by Geller.

On her blog, Geller writes how “Legal funds are badly needed. Tommy’s situation in prison is terrible, and they urgently need to raise funds to pay lawyers to address this situation and provide him with the best possible legal defense”.

Perhaps Lennon’s prsion “plight” would not appear so bad if his supporters were not sending money, cards and letters to the name of a person who does not exist.

Anyway, Lennon previously bragging that he does not need or require any legal help as he has plenty of legal advice on tap. I guess it requires a different sort of legal advice than the usual football hooligan activity he does so love to engage in.

While Geller and her pack of “Counter-Jihadists” concern themselves with the plight of a non-person and rasing funds for his legal defence, the question one would have thought Geller would really be asking is when will US authorities question her as to whether she was either aware of or complicit in Lennon’s alleged use of illegal documents to enter the United States. He was there after all, to attend a meeting that she had organised.

Ever wonder why?: Gifts to a non-person undelivered

Ever wonder why?: Gifts to a non-person undelivered


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