Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 04 11 12
Latest HNH magazine: Available now

Latest HNH magazine: Available now

The BNP are just finishing up their annual brawl in Blackpool where the main talking point was NOT the formation of a new fascist party by their former MEP Andrew Brons.

Despite antagonism by some members of the new party, the BNP refused to bite and instead, Nick Griffin took his depleted numbers to stand outside a kebab shop where Griffin barked nonsense into a microphone for forty minutes.

Instead of coming out fighting in the face of a possibly even nastier far-right party swimming in Griffin’s dirty bath water, he offered some light relief to antifascists instead by announcing Marlene Guest as the BNP’s candidate for the Rotherham by-election.

There was a time when Griffin would not even give Marlene the time of day, even going as far as to humiliate her on one television documentary when he turned his back on her before she could recite anymore of her poetry to him. Having spent hours reading poetry to her parrot in preparation for her big moment in front of the Fuhrer, Marlen instead regailed the TV crew with her opinions about the joys and benefits of the Holocaust.

So when we say things are desperate in the BNP, they really are…

Elsewhere, with EDL leader Stephen Lennon still complaining that he is not receiving any mail addressed to his false name while being held on remand at a London Prison, we thought it only fair to ask his American backers some tough questions. Believe me, these questions will hit the spot right about…Thursday.

Lennon’s cousin Kevin Carroll continues to run the EDL into the ground while Lennon is “resting”, and claimed last week that is was “skulduggery” that got him nicked along with Lennon and 51 other EDL members two weeks ago. Obviously not one for collective responsibility, can someone tell Kevin that if you’re out collecting the cash, you have to take a little bit of the blame too?

As to who painted the Hitler moustache over the smiling face on Kevin’s campaign billboard in Bedfordshire, I suggest Kevin also looks a little closer to home on that one too.

Kevin’s sworn enemies, the Infidels, had a day out in London last week where they say they were preparing for their proposed demonstration in Newham next weekend. The practice went to plan, as they spent most of their time in the pub.

One of their number unlikely to travel to London to sit on a roof will be Kevin Watmough of Redwatch infamy. Having spent over a decade harassing members of the public, the tables turned on Watmough last week, and he really did not like it.

Elsewhere, Kev’s former best friend Dave Jones– the laugh a minute loser from Todmorden- appears to have recovered from his electoral humiliation and taken out a library card.

These are interesting times. You can read more here in the latest edition of the Hope Not Hate magazine.

Griffin: needs help with his takeaway order

Griffin: needs help with his takeaway order


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