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Matthew Collins - 18 11 12
Edmonds: Jew Hater

Edmonds: Jew Hater

Well, that was the week that was. The EDL’s Kevin Carroll’s political career began with the expected defeat in his quest to be elected as the Police & Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, but his party, the British Freedom Party (BFP), claim the 10.3% vote he gained would actually translate to something like five million votes across the country if there was a General Election tomorrow. How they worked that out is anybody’s guess.

Predictably, Carroll complained there had been a conspiracy to stop him from winning the Police Commissioner’s job. Although he did manage to beat a Muslim candidate, Carroll complained to a local newspaper that he had been threatened, arrested, had his car impounded, and had been excluded from almost all meetings relevant to the PCC role as part of this conspiracy.

If he was to cast his mind back to say, September 11th of this year, Carroll may well recall accompanying his cousin Stephen Lennon on his allegedly illegal trip to the United States instead of attending one of the meetings relevant to the PCC job. Perhaps the relevant authorities thought Kevin just was not serious about the job?

Whatever happens, it is unlikely that the £5000 deposit the BFP saved in Bedfordshire will be spent on the Rotherham By-election. Confusion reigns for some as to whether Clint Bristow is an EDL candidate or a BFP candidate. Although the BFP did try to claim Bristow as one of their own at the last minute, it appears that Bristow is blissfully confused by the ongoing tussle between the BFP and Britain First over the political direction of the EDL and is standing as an independent much to the chagrin of the BFP leadership.

The big “winners” of the PCC elections would appear to be the English Democrats. Jam-packed full of former BNP members, the party polled quite well, in particular in South Yorkshire, where they polled just short of 16%. The relative success of the ED’s is a bitter pill for BNP leader Nick Griffin to swallow knowing that his arch nemesis Jim Dowson is now not only a major player in the EDL’s internal divisions, but also the major fundraiser for the ED’s. We broke the story of Dowson doing the ED’s fundraising a couple of months ago and have followed it up with more information in this month’s edition of Hope Not Hate magazine.

Bizarrely, Nick Griffin was spotted in Brusselslast week trying to dispose of a flag in a rubbish bin. It’s probably the best place to put it Nick, given that is where your party appears to be heading after another set of disastrous election results during the week, but I could not possibly confirm that it was actually the property of Andrew Brons, Griffin’s former colleague and fellow MEP

Those close to Brons are saying he cannot afford to lose anything at the moment. His new party has as good as died at birth with Brons’s refusal to lead and to fund it and those around him are growing tired of his (lack of) antics. Still, apparently the old man was quite rude to Simon Darby, the Griffin sycophant who works for both MEP’s last week. Darby was rumoured to be most tempted for a while to throw his lot in with Brons.

Griffin’s attempts to beef up party security with the aid of the moronic “Combined Ex-Forces”- the cut –and- paste morons who patronise army surplus stores, was another spectacular failure last week. The charity box thieves, burglars and buffoons managed to expose a loyal BNP member as an antifascist. Except, he isn’t. Or is he? The paranoid wannabe paramilitaries will probably be carrying out a DNA test on Griffin’s Belgian coffee table next.. That’s if they’re not burgling the homes of real soldiers away on duty again.

Rumours that the NF are due another split appear to be true. The party may have secured the services of an Iranian mouthpiece and anti-Semite while he is waiting for Brons to get off his fat arse, but the North East branch of the party are more interested in getting drunk and making fools of themselves than listening to the dubious warblings of a spokesman for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Expect plenty of salacious gossip to come out of the NF’s attempts to fight the Croydon By-election. If you thought Kevin Carroll’s conspiracy theories as to why he lost the Bedfordshire PCC elections were amusing, wait until you hear the “loveable” lunatic Richard Edmonds bang on and on about a Jewish conspiracy on the doorsteps with his flies undone and his trousers hanging some four inches above his shoes.


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