Redwatch & The EDL

Matthew Collins - 26 11 12
Maddie Brown

Maddie Brown

Watching the EDL splinter is all good fun, especially when they turn on themselves.

One such case happened over the weekend following the poorly attended EDL demo outside Wandsworth Prison.

The EDL met up outside of the prison to protest against the incarceration of their leader Tommy Robinson aka Steven Yaxley Lennon.

One of the organisers of the demo was the London based Maddie Brown and it seems one of her “comrades” is less than happy with her presence in the EDL.

We have written quite a few articles in the past regarding the Neo-Nazi Eddie Stampton. Eddie is a veteran fascist who has aligned himself to just about every far right group going such as the BNP, British Movement and The British People’s Party.

And now he has hooked up with the EDL.

Whether he sees the EDL as a genuine cause I’m not so sure, however he certainly sees the EDL as a potential business opportunity, with Stampton regularly seen flogging his cheap and tacky enamel badges at every demo he attends.

Stampton has taken exception to his fellow EDL buddy Maddie Brown and has contacted his old BPP leader Kevin Watmough with information to be posted on Watmough’s website Redwatch.

Redwatch collects the names and addresses of people that Watmough disagrees with, then encourages his fellow nazis to target them for abuse, intimidation and violence.

The latest entry into the Redwatch hall of fame is none other than Maddie Brown, under the heading of “EDL Jewess Exposed”.

Watmough describes Brown as an “Avid Zionist” and claims she is from the wealthy Jewish Oppenheimer family.

Describing her as a “vile specimen” Watmough, the brave chap that he is posts her phone number and photograph and asks for further information to post.

Maddie Brown quickly pointed the finger at Stampton and her EDL pals have quickly rallied round, promising Stampton swift retribution if he shows his face at another EDL demonstration.

As I write this blog it seems that Watmough has lost his nerve and removed Browns photo and details claiming that he has received evidence that Brown is in fact not Jewish or an heiress to a South African fortune !

Should sparks fly it could be just a little embarrassing for Stamptons close friend and EDL regional organiser Paul Pitt, who has stood by his friend despite revelations of his Neo-Nazi past.

Watmough Loses His Bottle

Watmough Loses His Bottle


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