March For England Turn On The EDL

Matthew Collins - 13 12 12
Dave Smeeton: Not too impressed with the EDL

Dave Smeeton: Not too impressed with the EDL

One of the EDL’s last remaining allies appears to be about to pull the plug on their mutual friendship.

March For England, a kind of “EDL lite” for aging football hooligans predates the EDL by several years, emerging from the now defunct United British Alliance. They are a separate entity to the younger EDL, however have co-operated closely when it has come to marches and demonstrations, taking part in each others events with activists overlapping both of the organisations.

Not anymore it seems, as Dave Smeeton the Fareham based leader of MFE declaring that the EDL are no longer needed or wanted at MFE events.

The final straw appears to be the fact that the EDL have attempted to take over the running of the annual MFE St Georges Day march held in Brighton.

The EDL issued a call to arms to its members to turn up in Brighton to confront the large antifascist contingent that turn out to oppose the march every year much to the annoyance of Smeeton who told his members ” Who the hell are the EDL to jump in and say everyone is welcome in Brighton ?”

He continued “This has nothing to do with the EDL whatsoever and due to them diving in feet first where they are not welcome it looks as this will now be banned.”

However, some members of the EDL are claiming they will attend Brighton with or without the blessing of Smeeton.

The decision to attend appears to be down to the EDL’s chief regional organiser Tim Ablitt who Smeeton was desperately trying to contact to have the decision reversed. Ablitt so far has failed to respond to Smeeton’s request with the MFE leader finally declaring “Think I will just withdraw my support for the EDL after this stab in the back. They think they can just barge in and do and say what they like. Well I don’t think so. Sod them, I am old school and don’t take kindly to people who act in this way.”

Tim Ablitt: Showing his opinion of MFE

Tim Ablitt: Showing his opinion of MFE


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