Guilty By Association

David Lawrence - 20 12 12
Peter Clayton (Red & Black Jacket)

Peter Clayton (Red & Black Jacket)

I wrote a blog a fortnight ago about the new St Helens BNP organiser Peter Clayton and his violent tendencies.

It seems to have ruffled a few of his friends feathers who claim Peter is a nice wholesome kind of lad who isn’t really a violent racist thug.

Well we have been passed an interesting photograph that shows the company that Clayton keeps and there are plenty of interesting faces on there.

On the far right of the photo with the goatee beard is John Hill from Oldham. Hill was a leading member of the violent Neo Nazi organisation Combat 18. After leaving C18 he went on to form the paramilitary Racial Volunteer Force with fellow Nazi thug Mark Atkinson.

In 2005 Hill & Atkinson along with three others were jailed for creating and distributing race hate material. The five jailed had all admitted conspiracy to publish the group’s magazine, Stormer, with the intention of stirring up race hate.One Stormer article wrote of their hatred of non whites and articles featuring anti Jewish headlines such as Roast A Rabbi. With a picture of a firebomb, the magazine said: “With the winter nights to shroud you in darkness we thought a few of you would like to don your disguises and rubber gloves and make things a little warmer.”

Another copy of the magazine featured bomb making instructions and praised Soho bomber David Copeland, who was jailed for life for murder after attacks targeting the gay community and ethnic minorities in London.

Hill and Atkinson was jailed for 4 and 5 years respectfully.

Next to Hill in the white jacket is Kevin Watmough who runs the online hate site Redwatch which encourages his fellow Nazis to attack and harass anyone who opposes their poison.

In the centre with the spectacles is Kevin Bryan from Bacup who is the deputy chairman of The National Front. Next to Bryan in the purple jacket is Blood and Honour supporter Janni Haggerty. Blood & Honour is a neo-Nazi music network composed of white power skinheads with links to Combat 18.

Immediately behind Haggerty is the violent neo nazi Liam Pinkham who has links with the RVF, NF and the violent British Freedom Fighters.

Pinkham, who is always at the forefront when there is violence was recently arrested for an attack on a band member due to play at an anti fascist fundraiser in Liverpool and has been to prison several times along with being served a football banning order in the past.

So if Clayton isn’t a violent racist nazi he is certainly guilty by association.




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