Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 22 12 12
Dowson: They pay, he slays..

Dowson: They pay, he slays..

It’s been a week or two but enough has happened to warrant one last look into the seedy world of the far-right for the year.

Probably the happiest man in the world of naughty, nutty neo-nazis at the moment is Scotsman Jim Dowson, currently resident of Comber, Northern Ireland. This man manages to buy, own and sell political parties, cripple them and their leaders and still get at the front of the ongoing troubles in Belfast and declare himself some kind of salient, trustworthy political peacemaker. Of course, he now wants to smash the Alliance Party in Northern Ireland too.

The damage he has done to the British Freedom Party, the BNP and the EDL has been well and long documented. Such has been Dowson’s hatred of all and everyone associated with the BFP in particular, the party has apparently been too scared to open its mail through fear of more legal letters arriving on their door mat.

The BFP belatedly claimed that their deregulation by the Electoral Commission earlier this month was a mere oversight and the fault of the EC and the EC’s only, that they were not instructed that their dues were due. So, perhaps we jumped the gun and let the cat out of the bag too early. There’s more misery for that small but fanatical band due very, very, soon in the new year…

Some people find it hard to believe that the proud Scot that is Jim Dowson, now out trying his best to get the Union Flag flown above City Hall in Belfast again would ever lend his dubious money-making talents to the likes of the English Democrats.

But he has, he has apparently given them the full works, pretty much like he did the BNP. He even booked and paid the deposit for their Christmas shindig at an old BNP favourite, the Theobald Park Hotel in Waltham Cross, in Essex. Jim has really given the ED’s his Midas touch…

Still, it’s all go on Romford market for the BNP today, apparently..


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