Is Kevin Carroll The Real Mushroom ?

Matthew Collins - 31 12 12
The "Fantastic"  Scrimshaws

The "Fantastic" Scrimshaws

Hope you have had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the coming New Year.

I doubt the EDL are. I have just watched Kevin Carroll’s Christmas video and my word it has certainly caused a stir with the foot soldiers (snigger) of the EDL. Kevin Carroll, joint leader of the EDL released the video on Christmas Eve, yet despite the initial festive messages Carroll used the 40 minute video to attack those he perceived as opponents of the EDL.

Carroll attempts to explain the recent sacking of Essex regional organiser Paul Pitt, accusing Pitt of lacking people and social skills and making threats of violence and intimidation towards other EDL regional organisers.

Pitt’s dismissal has seen the once solid Essex EDL division split in two, with one side supporting Pitt and his newly formed “South East Alliance” and the remaining half staying loyal to the EDL and the new Essex organiser Witham based Mark Dunbar.

Rather bizarrely Carroll fails to mention Pitt by his name, instead frequently referring to the perceived enemies of the EDL as “Mushrooms”.

Perhaps that is a Luton thing as I have never heard of that piece of slang before, I’m certain it isn’t meant to be a term of endearment however.

What is even stranger is the fact that while Carroll attempts to cause division in Essex he has made a bit of a mistake, one that might just come and bite him on his behind.

You see, Carroll was full of praise for those loyal members in Essex EDL who still buy the official EDL party line. Carroll singles out Dagenham based racists Diane and Eddie Scrimshaw for a special mention describing them as “fantastic people”.

Just moving the video on a few moments, Carroll launches a stinging attack against people involved with groups like The National Front, calling them “Scumbags” and “Moronic” Claiming he would refuse to stand with people like the NF and threatening that if they turn up at EDL events they will receive a size 11 up their backside.

But this is where Kevin has a little problem, the same “fantastic” Scrimshaws marched with the National Front at their annual Remembrance Sunday parade to the Cenotaph back in November alongside a collection of neo nazis such as Mark Atkinson and Kevin Watmough.

So who is the real “mushroom” now Kevin ?

Eddie Scrimshaw marching with the NF

Eddie Scrimshaw marching with the NF


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