Democracy: BNP Style

Matthew Collins - 07 01 13

I enjoy a chuckle and this certainly made me smile.

Following Nick Griffin’s disastrous 2009 appearance on Question Time, the far right party has always felt a little bit unhappy about the fact that their party or leader hasn’t been invited back onto the BBC’s flagship political programme.

So, to combat their perceived rejection the BNP have started to produce their own version of QT, “Question Time For Patriots” (Honest, I’m not kidding).

On the normal BBC format we see the host of the show David Dimbleby introduce 5 guests spanning a cross section of political opinion in this country.

The BNP version is somewhat different, remember they aren’t too keen on people disagreeing with them, so it should come as no surprise that the chair of the show is a BNP official, Richard Perry, Eastern regional organiser.

In the spirit of fairness surely the remaining guests would be from different political parties? No is the answer to that one.

The remaining guests were also BNP officials including the scandal ridden London organiser Steve Squire.

The BBC version attempts to have an audience that truly represents the general public and the area that the programme is being filmed in.

The BNP audience? That’s right, completely made up of BNP members and officials as well.

So that’s a BNP TV channel, with a BNP made programme and a BNP presenter, introducing BNP guests to a BNP audience !!

I can’t see it catching on.


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