Lennon’s jailing another nail for the EDL coffin

Matthew Collins - 07 01 13
Lennon: Nicked

Lennon: Nicked

There will be some mirth and laughter in antifascist circles after a court today sentenced EDL thug Stephen Lennon to ten months in prison for using someone else’s passport to get into the United States.

Lennon is currently facing other charges not related to his EDL activities, too.

If antifascists are laughing, then Lennon’s former comrades (who ran a campaign to free him under his false name Tommy Robinson) will be feeling the pain. For it was only they, believing that it was all part of some kind of Marxist-Islamic conspiracy theory, that ever doubted his guilt.

Lennon pleaded guilty to entering the USA on a false passport to attend a rally organised by US-hater Pam Geller, having previously being denied entry to the country using his own passport. Back in November we asked when she would be questioned over her part in his illegal entry into the US.

We also asked, earlier in the year, how Lennon managed to address a meeting at the European parliament. There is no record of any of the known aliases that Lennon uses signing into the European parliament on that day.

A lot of people are asking why Lennon’s name on his real passport is apparently Paul Harris. This could be a case of Lennon changing his name for the purpose of travelling to football matches to avoid banning orders. He has among other convictions, a conviction for football violence in Germany.

The outlook for the EDL has not been that good for a while. On Saturday, EDL members went to Milton Keynes for a “free Tommy Robinson” demonstration and discovered that he was not even being held at HMP Woodhill anymore. They went to the pub and got roaring drunk instead.

The danger now, however, is what the fractured masses of EDL members do next. Much of the EDL’s orbit lost interest in Lennon’s plight over a year ago anyway.

So far, they’re more interested in fighting each other. But they may turn their attentions further to those who have campaigned against them and their message of hate.

We must remain vigilant. Whilst Lennon’s imprisonment will put another nail in the EDL’s coffin, he will not be off the streets for too long-probably as little as three months.

The danger of those who followed him remains.


Surrendered: The EDL on the weekend

Surrendered: The EDL on the weekend


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