Homophobia & The BNP

Matthew Collins - 08 01 13
Joshua Wren

Joshua Wren

There has never been many openly gay members of the BNP, probably due to the huge amount of hatred and homophobia that exists within the BNP.

However, in recent years one gay BNP activist has emerged as a kind of unofficial spokesman for the small gay community within the British National Party.

Joshua Wren from Swansea has never hidden his sexuality from his fellow bigots in the BNP but now it seems the hatred directed towards him and the gay community has reached a point where even he can no longer stay within the party.

We have obtained a copy of a letter he penned yesterday to the BNP membership department announcing his immediate resignation from the party.

I reproduce the text in full below.

Dear sir/madam

I write to cancel my BNP membership with immediate effect.

I didn’t come to this choice lightly, however after reading an article posted on your website on the Monday 7th Jan. I came to the conclusion this party is no longer for me.

The article in question was the one about the Radio 4 interview about homosexuals in the church. It wasn’t the article that sickened me, it was the comments by members/supporters that was allowed to be on the comments section by your moderator.

I pick a few that disturbed me below:

disgusting & immoral”

disease spreading carrion”

everything god & man finds repulsive”

And for the most vile. “If all homosexuals were put on an island, they would eventually die out. There has never been a BUM BABY”

This I found to be unbelievable to be allowed to be posted on a political website. These kinds of views/opinions are nazi like and sound even like the views of a Muslim.

I will no longer be associated with such evil and hatred towards a sexual preference.

I hereby give notice of my membership cancellation.

Yours sincerely

Joshua Wren

P.S My direct debit has been cancelled also.




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