English Democrats Link Up With Thugs & Nazis

Matthew Collins - 14 01 13

It wouldn’t be the first time that members of the English Democrats have questioned the judgement of their leader Robin Tilbrook.

Tilbrook split his party in two in 2011 after he accepted great swathes of far right refugees into his party following the meltdown of Nick Griffin’s BNP.

It seems he is on a collision course with the remainder of his party following his latest link up with a variety of racist thugs and bigots.

The English Democrat leader was invited to attend a far right assemblage in Dartford, Kent organised by Jim Dowson, leader of the tiny far right outfit Britain First.

The intention of the meeting was to form a “unified street protest movement.” no doubt as a rival to the fast disappearing EDL.

Other racists invited to the shindig included Paul Pitt, the recently sacked Essex EDL organiser whose real name is Paul Prodromou.

Since his sacking from his EDL post, Pitt has made a variety of threats aimed at his ex EDL comrades, promising bloody retribution for his fall from grace.

Pitt who heads the newly formed “South East Alliance” is close friends with the notoriously violent neo-nazi Eddie Stampton.

Stampton has a long CV of violent far right activity including membership of the British Movement, British Peoples Party, The National Front and Combat 18 amongst others.

Linking up with Stampton and Pitt is the South Ockenden based Al Francis who regularly turns out for the BNP and EDL in Essex and London and who was most recently observed at the annual National Front Remembrance Sunday march to the Cenotaph in November alongside other members of the EDL.

Also present was Greg Bingham from Bexley EDL. Bingham drew attention to himself in 2011 after he issued a number of threats directed at the Occupy protestors camped out at the London Stock Exchange. Bingham threatened to kill some of the protestors whilst setting fire to their tents. The larger than life nazi also attempted to whip up his friends into a frenzy so they would also launch an attack.

Tilbrook managed to bring his own idiot to the party. Tony Gladwin once of the BNP and now a firm fixture within the English Democrats was exposed a few years back mocking Thalidomide sufferers on his Facebook profile, claiming they looked like “Sea Lions”.

We will hopefully have more information later in the week regarding this ship of fools

Tilbrook’s political reputation was already on a tightrope following his first foray into the realms of the far right. Linking up a second time with violent bigots will see his credibility shot to pieces.

Al Francis

Al Francis


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