BNP laments limping in flag protests

Matthew Collins - 16 01 13
Griffin: Getting desperate

Griffin: Getting desperate

Gerry Adams may believe that the BNP is behind the ongoing ‘flag’ trouble in Belfast, but although they have shown their horrible faces, BNP leader Nick Griffin has been lamenting to those close to him, the BNP’s lack of credible presence in the dispute.

Partly this is down to the fact that Griffin’s enemy Jim Dowson has tried almost everything within his power to keep the BNP away from the protests and further to that, the BNP in Northern Ireland is in somewhat of a decline after the BNP’s disastrous business practices there.

It’s not unusual for people to think that anything to do with the Union Flag in some way involves the BNP (or previously the National Front), but the reality is that many locals just do not want the BNP there and Griffin himself admits that the reality is that the BNP does not do as well there as people may think.

So with the BNP missing another major opportunity to soil Britain’s national flag, Griffin has been in Strasbourg this week mulling over his remaining opportunities for publicity and shame.

He’s been weighing up another stupid sectarian attack on the Irish nation as he is desperate for the publicity at the moment. He was hoping for a huge protest in Oxford tomorrow night to get him into the headlines, but that fell flat after a simple phone call.

So, this afternoon, Griffin was filming one of his notorious BNP TV addresses from inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I’m not sure when it’s going to air, because to be honest, our man there tells me the whole thing seemed to be rather painful and riven with incompetence and insecurity on Griffin’s part.

Still, Griffin will weigh in on the flag argument with an attack on Irish nationalists in the Short Strand in Belfast and Republicans Gerry Adams, Martin Mcguiness and Alex Maskey in particular, some time this week. No doubt he hopes he can gain some headlines for more outrageous comments, but he should be careful; Griffin may have boxed at University, but Maskey was a very succesful amateur boxer and an outspoken critic of the BNP..

For now, Griffin sees the future of the BNP in Northern Ireland in still trying to milk cash out of the Unionist/Protestant community. It seems so long ago now that Griffin and his close friends were trying to squeeze funds and friendship from the same pool that the PIRA was.

Is it any wonder Patrick Harrington has been sulking with him lately?


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