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Matthew Collins - 21 01 13
BDP Chairman Kevin Scott goes looking for the party website

BDP Chairman Kevin Scott goes looking for the party website

Some mirth in the BNP this morning, with BNP leader Nick Griffin ringing around his staff to try and scupper the eventual launch of the rival British Democratic Party (BDP).

The BDP is the party of Griffin’s former friend and fellow BNP MEP, Andrew Brons. Brons quit the BNP last October after months and months of internal disputes and the party membership factionalising behind the rival MEPs.

The “true” rival to the BNP tried to launch itself last November under the name True Brits but it fell to pieces just days after the launch when it became apparent that few BNP members were willing to jump ship to a party with the homosexual Peter Phillips as its nominal leader.

Since then, the BDP has been led by the BNP’s former North East organiser, Kevin Scott.

Griffin is apparently absolutely delighted that the BDP is to properly try and launch itself next month. Having spent a good three months trying to knock the BNP into shape, and purged and isolated anybody within the BNP capable of causing him further problems [except Clive Jefferson], Griffin feels that he is in a good enough position to “smash” the BDP before it becomes a serious challenge.

The BDP has spent the last couple of months trying to get itself into shape, but by all accounts, Griffin’s spies have told him that he has little to worry about. The BDP figurehead, Brons, seems to have shown little interest in actually playing any constructive part in the new party and the collection of Jew haters, Holocaust deniers and employees of the Iranian government that make up the rest of the “drinks cabinet” that is the rest of the BDP leadership, have no record of party activism whatsoever.

So it’s no surprise that news that the BDP are launching again is described as “Time For A Party” in Kevin Scott’s announcement this morning.  Scott announces that “The British Democratic Party will be a party with a difference. It will be built from the bottom upwards.” Perhaps they have applied the Oscar Wilde school of thought to their model of nationalist politics, which is something like “we are all in the gutter..”

Although Griffin is full of joy at the news and even encouraging his members to attend what he thinks will be a disastrous launch of the British Democratic Party, for its sins, the BDP knows that there are plenty of former BNP members out there with still no political home to go to.

According to Scott, the “BNP has lost 85-90% of its members, activists and candidates.” Of course, during those months and months of planning, the BDP forgot to even build itself a website!

The revolution is still more than T-shirt away.

Griffin: Still worried about Rodney

Griffin: Still worried about Rodney


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