Kirklees EDL Link Up With NF & BNP

Matthew Collins - 21 01 13
Mark Johnson aka Mark "Darky" Carlton

Mark Johnson aka Mark "Darky" Carlton

Not a week goes by without an attempted link up by the EDL with a variety of far right misfits under the banner of unity.

Take this week for instance, Kirklees EDL are attempting to organise a far right get together with various washed up bigots in the Huddersfield and Dewsbury area.

Organising the festivities is Kirklees EDL leader Mark Johnson, better known in EDL circles as Mark “Darky” Carlton.

Johnson from Thurstonland is a well-known Huddersfield Town Football hooligan (and son of a serving police officer) who received a 12 month suspended sentence and 200 hours community service after he led a gang of 9 EDL yobs in a violent attack at an anti-racism concert in Leeds in 2011.

Invited to the party is Dewsbury based racist David Kirby. Kirby, who also uses the alias Walter Plinge was once a BNP member but now is a familiar face with the far right National Front along with the almost defunct neo Nazi British Movement.

A regular at NF demonstrations, Kirby openly admits to hating anyone who isn’t white, calling for their immediate expulsion from the UK.

He is the De facto NF organiser in Dewsbury, not through his ability but down to the fact there are so few NF members in the town it was him or nobody.

Also from Dewsbury is the one time BNP member Frank Atack who stood as a candidate on several occasions in his West Yorkshire hometown.

Once a close friend of BNP leader Nick Griffin, Atack used to play in a far right folk band alongside a couple of BNP councillors. They regularly played at BNP functions and even performed on a couple of occasions with Griffin himself.

Atack has a penchant for WW2 Nazi uniforms, in particular those of the murderous Waffen SS and is a self-confessed fan of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. So it will come as no surprise that Frank isn’t a big fan of anything he deems as non-Aryan either.

So I can only presume that Kirby and Atack haven’t actually met Johnson before as he is of mixed race.

We can only wonder what the EDL leadership will think when they find out one of their leading members is due to meet up with NF and BNP members?

We can also only wonder what the NF leadership will think when they find out one of their leading members is due to meet up with non-white EDL members?

The meeting is due to take place this Sunday 27th of January and could be very interesting indeed. I’ll keep you posted.

Frank Atack (standing) with Nick Griffin

Frank Atack (standing) with Nick Griffin


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