Too many fleas and not enough dogs?

Matthew Collins - 21 01 13
Mick Braun (with Griffin): Nothning nice to say about Dowson or Tillbrook

Mick Braun (with Griffin): Nothning nice to say about Dowson or Tillbrook

My colleague Nick Lowles seems to have upset the leader of the far-right English Democrats, Robin Tillbrook.

The English Democrats are notorious for picking over the bones of failed Nazi groups in a never-ending and desperate search for new members. They’ve even go as far as to mimic the BNP’s fundraising by hiring the same Scotsman the BNP did who runs an office doing said fundraising from Northern Ireland.

Currently, the largest carcass on the far-right is the English Defence League (EDL). Everybody has been fighting to pick what is left off those bones and it has turned into a three horse race between Britain First, The English Democrats and of course, the BNP. The British Freedom Party, which was supposed to be the political wing of the EDL, appears to have fallen at the first hurdle.

The main group to come out of the EDL worth fighting over, is the newly formed South East Alliance, led by Paul Pitt from Essex.

Having spent time supping lagers in a pub in Crayford, Kent, with the likes of Dowson, Tillbrook and super-brain Steve Uncles last weekend, this weekend Pitt took his group down to visit the BNP at the ELM Park hotel in Hornchurch, Essex.

There it was the turn of local BNP super-brain Mick Braun to do his best to win Pitt’s affections.

Word is that Pitt and his off-sider Al Francis were far more comfortable with the BNP crowd and our insider at the social evening tells us Braun was less than flattering about the English Democrats and Jim Dowson in particular.

Still, if the English Dems want to go and pick over the bones of that meeting, the Elm Park Hotel is soon to be turned into a Sainsbury’s. Who knows what they’ll dig up once they’ve knocked the pub down? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all..

Pitt: In demand

Pitt: In demand


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