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Matthew Collins - 27 01 13
Marlene: Wants to get her hands of Adam's stipend apparently

Marlene: Wants to get her hands of Adam’s stipend apparently

Potentially the world’s longest and most pointless employment tribunal came to an abrupt end last week when American punk singer “Mish Bondage” finally had her claim against former BNP MEP Andrew Brons thrown out of an Edinburgh employment tribunal.

Mish, the wife of Brons’s former factional rival and BNP mover and shaker Patrick Harrington, had been claiming sexual and religious discrimination as well as unfair dismissal against Brons.

This now confirms that there is one member of the BNP’s inner circle less on the European payroll, so this could spell more bad news for the Walker family. For the last few months the BNP’s office staff have been arguing among themselves over a number of seemingly petty issues which has been infuriating BNP leader Nick Griffin. The fighting and arguing initially began when members of the head office staff moved against Mark Walker last April.

With Patrick Harrington’s faux Trade Union Solidarity in disarray,  Adam Walker, Mark’s brother, may be next for the chopping block. That was certainly the whisper at the BNP’s conference in Coventry yesterday.

Adam may have spent last week allegedly sweeping snow from the pavement in Spennymoor in the North East while wearing a bright yellow BNP jacket, but Adam was at the same time failing in his role as Yorkshire Regional Organiser to field a candidate in February’s Castleford Central By-Election. If my memory serves me correctly, the BNP stood something like seventeen candidates around there in one go not so long ago. Needless to say, Adam blamed Alwyn Deacon who has taken over as elections officer, for the third missed by-election in the region of late. Adam really is fighting for his life.

Flavour of the moment Marlene Guest is among those jockeying for Adam’s role in Yorkshire, which apparently comes with a stipend that few in the region were aware of. Word at yesterday’s BNP conference in Coventry was that with Marlene thinking she’s lined up to be the BNP’s lead candidate in Yorkshire for the next Euro elections, she’s not being too backwards in telling anyone that will listen that she could do Adam’s job more effectively, either. Sadly for poor Adam, one or two in the party’s head office see her as less competition for the Fuhrer’s often limited-of- late affections.

The big shock for Marlene came yesterday when she was warned that Adam Walker has been promised the number one candidature for Yorkshire instead of her. She took it on the chin and went home and penned one of her notorious poems instead.

So, there may be good news for Brons and his office boy Eddy Butler on that count, but by all accounts there’s not such good news for Butler’s current political masters, the English Democrats. Rumour has it that Butler is currently on bail and it would be wrong to comment further on that case.

Nor will I comment much more on a particular piece written on the Enfield BNP facebook page (that’s where they write their facebook postings, in case you were unaware.) Enfield BNP is run by Steve Squire. You work it out..

An inglorious day was had by all in Birmingham yesterday who attended the first rally of the tiny and stupid English Volunteer force (EVF). Some people seem to think that the EVF must be linked to the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) because they have similar names. Judging by the amount of self-promoting rubbish that arrives in our Po Box from their leader William Anderson, postmarked from his home in Weston-super-mare, they would probably really, really want people to belive that. However, what their self-styled Commander “Jason Lock” (Anderson’s alter-ego) sends us, actually makes me think that they’re more like a manufactured boy-band that has no management or record contract. Can’t sing, can’t spell, look awful, etc, etc..

The bigger EDL splinter group, South East Alliance (SEA), did manage to make it to Birmingham yesterday, swelling the total number there to 43. Twelve members of the group travelled from London and Essex to flex their drinking muscles with the EVF and their leader Paul Pitt by all accounts is revelling in his role as the most desirable hooligan active in Britain at the moment. The BNP, BF and ED are courting he and his motley crew and by all accounts Paul Pitt was very vocal in his opinions of some people.

we recently covered the activities of the EDL-backed “Forgotten estates” group in Leicester, in Hope Not Hate magazine. Yesterday, Nick Lowles wrote how Leicester Council has been keen to legitimize the group in spite of evidence linking some of the organisation to both the EDL and some of the other splinter groups from that group.

The “Forgotten Estates” police liaison officer has now been found guilty of leaving a pig’s head outside of a community centre used by the Muslim community in Leicester.

“Commander Lock:” Will Anderson after an apparent hiding yesterday in Birmingham


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