Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 01 02 13
Any old iron? Delboy and Rodney, who run the BNP these days

Any old iron? Delboy and Rodney, who run the BNP these days

The EDL suffered another blow last night when a large chunk of what remained of its supporter base in the North West left the organisation to join up with the “Northern Alliance”, a coalition similar to the hoodlums of the South East Alliance (SEA), who can no longer work with interim EDL leader Kevin Carroll.

One leaving statement described the departing group as being “still loyal to Tommy”, in reference to the EDL’s imprisoned leader Stephen Lennon, presumably because Lennon is much nicer to them than his cousin. The EDL responded to the news of their further shrunken core of thugs and customers’ support by blogging that they are, in fact, growing, are bigger than ever, have never been bigger etc, etc.

If I had the time or could be bothered, I’d create one of those Downfall parodies on Youtube, where Hitler is barking out daft and desperate instructions to his terrified generals. Still, should someone be bothered, how about a year’s subscription to HOPE Not Hate magazine for the best version?

As we predicted, this means that the Manchester demonstration planned for 2nd March will no longer be an EDL punch up demonstration, but will instead be an open invitation to all the naughty, nutty, neo-nazis to get together and, just like in the old days, get drunk and fight among themselves.

This being the case, expect to see the ‘English National Resistance’ recruiting there. Jim Dowson’s puppet Paul Golding will no doubt be doing what Jim tells him to do, while Paul Pitt will be looking at this as an opportunity to assert himself as the overall commander of all things that steal, mug, sniff, snort and burp in defence of this peculiar brand of Christian values.

While everyone continues to pick over the carcass of the EDL, the BNP seems to be having another Irish problem , this time with the EDL’s leader again. Now, by all accounts, the EDL boss has even been to an IRA funeral! I’ve never heard that one before, but let’s not let that get in the way of a good rumour.

It is true however, that Lennon (aka Stephen Lennon) did once describe forming the EDL as his own “Bloody Sunday” moment. “Some of the Irish are very proud Britons” writes Jack Renshaw, trying to reason with other patriots. Well yes, he has a point. Thousands of them have taken to the streets in Belfast to demonstrate just that…

Mock outrage from the BNP this week that half the country found themselves laughing at their leader NIcholas ‘Del Trotter’ Griffin’s suggestion that BNP members collect scrap metal to help keep the party afloat. In these desperate times, the whole thing was actually planned to ensure the party actually generated some publicity from its kindergarten/ organisers’ conference in Coventry.

Also, as if eBay is not already stuffed full of Nazi nonsense, the party suggest that BNP members further add to it with their own junk. If the party was that upset by the publicity, it didn’t stop Simon Darby gleefully cutting and pasting all of the publicity onto his website. Or, as the party’s Treasurer, Clive “Rodney” Jefferson, told the BNP’s website “Oh, Cassandra….. “

News that Griffin also trawls country lanes picking up road-kill to cook makes one wonder if he has been supplying supermarkets with meat from his own little farm in Wales. This news should also concern people who attended his “lavish luncheons”, where Griffin serves some good old fashioned “English fare” on his Welsh farm, whilst trying to empty their wallets and purses.

It turns out that not only was the scab union Solidarity’s leaflet about UKIP more than a bit misleading, it could also be illegal. This didn’t stop desperate Pat Harrington emailing their 228 supporters this morning, declaring that there is more to come and that “Solidarity has produced this leaflet to expose the truth about UKIP. If you send a book of second class stamps you will be sent 50 leaflets.”

So, that’s a 10% commission that Solidarity would charge you if it ever won you fifty quid (should that ever happen). But not only that, you also have to pay in stamps to take delivery of their potentially illegal leaflets. Class.

Lies: Always a desperate favourite

Lies: Always a desperate favourite


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