Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 08 02 13
Davies: Another one goes missing...

Davies: Another one goes missing…

The good news this week is the apparent return of Paul Weston, the gin swilling toff who gave us laugh after laugh after laugh when he fronted the British Freedom Party.

Weston was supposed to be stepping down from the high life of BFP/EDL street brawls to write a book about Britain’s rapid decline. Yet here he is, minus book, preparing to re-start his political career. I for one salute you, sir. The month since your retirement has been incredibly dull..

Nick Lowles asked what could well be the easiest of questions earlier this week, when he asked ‘Are the English Democrats the stupid party?’ The answer is of course, yes.

The ED leader Robin Tillbrook was most upset. Worse was to come for Tillbrook when the ED Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, then quit in apparent horror at how far-right the party had become. And mad.

Tiny Tillbrook wrote of his nasty party response that “the English Democrats, as we are the sensible and moderate English nationalist Party and our tide is rising,” apropos that Mr Davies has gone surf crazy, perhaps. But most if us see this tide as being more like that tide mark around the bath. It can also be scrubbed into oblivion, Mr Tillbrook.

So nice are those English Democrats, that once more they have emailed the BNP membership asking them to join the ED and even consider being council candidates for the “English Fightback”. More evidence if it were needed that Jim Dowson continues to do their fundraising came in the line “chip in a tenner” which will by all accounts equip ED candidates with a “full colour, glossy, professionally designed election address.”

Of course, those leaflets, like the begging letter, are also being designed by another former BNP leading light.

With so many former BNP members on board comes of course, shenanigans. Quite a lot of said shenanigans are about to boil over, so we cannot legally mention half of what is going to be keeping the court system busy in the coming months. In the meantime, we’ve got a whole drawer full of tales about Portuguese boys renting rooms, people tripping over vacuum cleaners, red, felt sofas, “arty” photo-shoots etc, etc to be getting on with.

But on the point of Peter Davies quitting the ED, for those who have not heard it, spend six minutes of your life listening to this award winning interview with the then newly elected Mayor of Doncaster.

It’ll be a busy day for the Leicestershire Constabulary tomorrow, with both the BNP and the British Democratic Party holding meetings in the county. We’re expecting fireworks of some sort, so do not be surprised to see car loads of BNP, EDL and former C18 activists travelling up and down the motorway. Griffin has asked for a “ring of steel” around his meeting in a certain working men’s club in Thurnby Lodge, while the BDP has more security lined up than it does attendees to their actual meeting.

Interim BDP leader Kevin Scott has spent a good part of the last two weeks winding up the BNP, and while this gives both of his sponsors’, Andrew Brons and Adrian Davies, heart palpitations, it’s certainly been interesting to watch.

English Dems: After another ten of your English pounds

English Dems: After another ten of your English pounds


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