Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Matthew Collins - 22 03 13
Mick Braun: Heartbroken

Mick Braun: Heartbroken

When I look out my window this morning all I can see is huge amounts of snow.

Baby, it’s cold outside !

However, the one thing that keeps me warm on a cold day like today is knowing that last night the far right were dealt four crushing blows, with the largest being dealt in North East London.

A by election was called for the Gooshays ward on Havering Council following the death of Conservative councillor Dennis Bull.

The BNP’s campaign was one of the dirtiest campaigns we have ever witnessed, threats of violence, physical intimidation and disgusting smears in their election literature saw a return of the bad old days of the BNP (Not that they ever really went away).

Mick Braun, the BNP organiser and candidate was increasingly confident of a victory in Gooshays, remember this ward had seen two previous BNP councillors, Alan Bailey and Mark Logan.

Braun imported BNP activists from the whole of London and further afield, he also imported the thugs of The South East Alliance led by Paul Prodromou should any opposition appear.

Large amounts of dubious leaflets were delivered by the BNP, most failing to mention local issues in the Havering area. The final week saw the BNP actually canvass Gooshays, something they rarely do now due to falling numbers of activists.

It was to be in vain for Braun and the BNP, the local electorate didn’t like the stories of BNP intimidation reported in the local Romford Recorder. Remember, nobody likes a bully.

The result was a disaster for the BNP, finishing in fifth place with just 202 votes, just 9% of the vote. When Mark Logan won this ward for the BNP in 2008 they achieved a massive 38%, so Braun and the BNP are naturally despondent.

What will also irk the BNP is the fact that their rivals in UKIP won the seat with 39% of the vote.

What will also annoy Braun and his thugs is the fact that despite the intimidation, Hope not Hate was able to mount a full campaign, informing local residents about the evils of the BNP.

London BNP was to suffer two more disasters last night, both in the London borough of Islington.

Two by elections were called following the resignation of the sitting councillors.

In the St Georges ward, the BNP fielded veteran racist Walter Barfoot. The 80 year old former builder told his local newspaper that he “can’t campaign and I’m too old to be a councillor” and labelled the Jewish community a “bunch of string-pullers and financiers”.

The Barfoot charm offensive failed, with Walter scoring just 20 votes, finishing in last place with just 0.83% of the vote.

Over in the nearby Islington ward of Junction, the BNP fielded Gary Townsend. Gary did marginally better than his friend Walter, finishing in 5th place with a tiny 31 votes or 1.43% of the vote.

Fingers will surely be pointed at Steve Squire the BNP’s London organiser who led the three disastrous election campaigns and for allowing such a dirty campaign to take place in Havering.

The English Democrats continue to drop off the political radar, with yet another humiliating result, this time in the Adeyfield West ward of Dacorum council.

Simon Deacon, a former BNP and National Front parish councillor was the English Democrat candidate.
Deacon finished yet again in last place with just 51 votes, just 4.6% of the vote.

It may be cold outside, but the feeling I get from writing this blog leaves me feeling all warm inside.

Hope not Hate would like to thank all those people who played their part in the HNH campaign to defeat the BNP in Gooshays. We love you all !






Gooshays Results In Full

Gooshays Results In Full


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