Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 04 04 13
Hartley (r) with Anthony Stokes: Hartley is very confused..

Hartley (r) with Anthony Stokes: Hartley is very confused..

At the end of February I wrote about a rather bizarre run-in I had with the BNP’s Jack Buckby.

Buckby was adamant that accusations that the BNP are not-so-secret anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers were probably, some kid of lefty plot. Today, Buckby has actually quit the BNP after the party accused UKip of being part of the world Zionist conspiracy.

Jack had been angrily banging away on his keyboard to respond to the particularly unsurprising article about the world Jewish conspiracy, and found himself being ignored. So, off has gone Jack in outrage. He won’t be missed…

Anyway, in case you missed it Jack, here’s Griffin banging on and on about how much he admires Holocaust denier and liar David Irving, to Jewish school children, just the other day.

Also leaving the BNP is Dean Hartley, their young firebrand organiser in Scotland. Hartley, a keen Celtic supporter, has decided the time is right to quit the BNP and fight the “reds” on the streets.

Word in the BNP is that Hartley is actually experiencing something not too dissimilar to Buckby, and his anger has been triggered by a series of tweets by Nick Griffin congratulating Celtic’s bitter rivals, Glasgow Rangers, on winning the Scottish Third Division.

Given Celtic’s historic ties and links with the Irish and catholic community, that Hartley lasted as long as he did is some surprise. The photo used here on this website of Hartley with his hero, Celtic’s Anthony Stokes, most upset the club and the player when Hartley’s BNP links came to light.

Stokes recently also attended the funeral of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan, seemingly embarrassing the football club, but not Hartley. I doubt he’ll be invited to join the Green Brigade just yet, however. Hartley has decided he’s quite keen on the tiny Britiannica Party, who are themsleves hardline Protestants and Loyalists.

Nominations close at midday tomorrow for the 2013 County Council Elections. Exactly how many candidates the far-right manages to rustle up wil give us a fair indication as to their real and current state. Whatever happens, one thing is sure, there is probably about to be another huge bloodletting at the BNP.

The master of self-preservation, Adam Walker, is supposed to be the Yorkshire Regional Organiser and that the party has failed to stand in another election in the region is causing some anger. Word at the party HQ is that Adam rarely leaves home these days since his driving ban and so did absolutely nothing to secure a candidate for the upcoming Doncaster Mayoral election.

Walker has predictably blamed the party’s hapless elections officer Alwyn Deacon who has in turn blamed former Yorkshire Regional Organiser, Danny Cooke. Marlene Guest, a woman scorned by being overlooked in favour of Walker, has been on the phone to Nick Griffin blaming all of them, with more than a little help in stirring the pot from Clive “The Undertaker” Jefferson.

If the BNP has no candidate, your guess is as good as my Jack Russell’s as to where this leaves the rival British Democratic Party (BDP). Now registered as “Brit Dems” for electoral purposes, the world-wise BDP has been cautioning themselves about electioneering at the moment, what with the sudden popularity of UKip; that and the fact they do not appear to have any activists. Whether the National Front stand or not is quite irrelevant, though it will be between them and the English Dems as to who runs the most irreverent campaign.

The result from Wigan tonight was not much better for the BNP. They came last with 63 votes, in Pemberton with 3.3%.

Buckby: Still confused, but no longer collaborating?

Buckby: Still confused, but no longer collaborating?


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