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Matthew Collins - 16 04 13
David & Claire together

David & Claire together

You may recall the odd couple of David Jones and Claire Khaw. They were destined for great things. Then it all went wrong for them and they fell out. Jones even started up a campaign to have Khaw deported from the country. In response, she mentioned a few things about David’s work ethic, hygiene, wonky keyboard etc, etc.

We gave up paying attention to it because a new series of infomercials just started on one of the more obscure cable channels.

Still, the war went on. A sort of war of the roses you might think, but not really. Single mother and former BNP member Claire has a record of insulting the disabled and single mothers (“sluts” the single mother-herself calls other single mothers!) And if she thought it would get her a mention anywhere at all, she’d probably campaign to have herself deported too, anyway.

Just lately they have both had run-ins with the law. For gun-toting village idiot Jones this is nothing new. He has long had associations with organisations and individuals who are better off locked out of harm’s reach.

Khaw’s recent arrest was for allegedly making comments about a person with disabilities.

Not long after Khaw’s arrest, Redwatch supremo Kevin Watmough had his home raided by the police. (Cue massive celebrations by all persons who have suffered his vile form of harassment.)

Party leader Watmough had fallen out with Jones over his friendship with Khaw, Watmough obviously took exception to Khaw’s ethnicity, despite the fact she had helped leaflet for his tiny party whilst trying to get Jones elected to council for Watmough’s party.

Now Jones is claiming that Khaw may have been behind the raid on Watmough, no doubt by way of a pay-back. It should be interesting.

Our tip is, perhaps someone should ask Watmough what it is that he tells the police and benefits agency that has allowed him to avoid both work and justice for so long.

Cross examination by angry farmer

Cross examination by angry farmer


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