Viral lies began early today

Matthew Collins - 16 04 13
The lies begin. Check the Cassella tag on the child

The lies begin. Check the Cassella tag on the child

Terrible events in Boston last night. People everywhere jumping to conclusions, some with a sickening glee in their hearts as they try to create more hatred and division after the events.

This morning, our small minded fascists on this side of the pond have been up early, to try using a picture of a young blond child that they claim died in the Boston explosions.

The child in the picture, in fact, was nowhere near Boston. The picture has been taken from the Joe Cassella 5km run in Virginia. Her vest clearly displays which run she was on. The far-right just stole a picture of a child, any (white) child that they could, in a sick attempt to somehow reaffirm in people’sminds that it is only white people who are victims of terrorism. The US President has already said that still, there is no clue to the person or persons behind the explosions.

These people, trying to cash in on true misery are sick. They do not even have one ounce of decency.

Cassella website

Cassella website


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