Far-right plans hit Brighton rock

Matthew Collins - 19 04 13
Dave Smeeton: leader of March for England

Dave Smeeton: leader of March for England

And so once more, hundreds of far-right extremists will attempt to head to Brighton this weekend to try and reclaim the patron saint of England as their own in a “march for England”.

Yes, St George was born in the Lebanon making him probably England’s first migrant worker, but that does not mean much to the far-right. They’re even travelling from Wales for what they are billing internally as some kind of “revenge” attack for the countless humiliations meted out on them in previous years when they have tried to disrupt life in the seaside town.

As on previous occasions, Cardiff based football hooligan and all round loud mouth Jeff Marsh and his friends will be arriving in sleepy Worthing on Saturday afternoon.

Marsh and co are planning and encouraging others to linger like a bad smell around Hove, using the Wetherspoons off George Street as a base from where they hope they can launch some kind of attack on unsuspecting antifascists.

The organisers of the march are desperate to portray it as a peaceful day out, but the reality is, sadly, that many of those going are intent on violent confrontations, and have a history for just that. Last week a small group of drunken far-right thugs were easily repelled from a meeting held in the town by antifascists planning to defend the community from marauding fascists this weekend.

During the last week, a number of far-right activists attached to the South East Alliance (SEA) in London and Essex were visited by the Metropolitan Police and warned about plans they have for causing misery in the town. Whilst the far-right-those of the EDL persuasion, are constantly trying to portray themselves as merely victims of some kind of Islamic-Marxist conspiracy to deny them their rights, from right up and down the country, plans have been made by groups like the English Volunteer Force (EVF) and some sections of what is left of the English Defence League, to link up in the town. A number of pictures of trade union and antifascists activists have also been circulated among the groups.

The EDL’s own leader, the more and more isolated Stephen Lennon who still uses the lie that his name is Tommy Robinson, is advising his four remaining friends not to go to Brighton.

The organiser of the march, Dave Smeeton, of “March for England” has reminded thugs that are planning on attending that the police have already issued a number of Section 60’s. In a number of secret social media groups that Marsh has (incorrectly) convinced himself once again that are free from scrutiny from outsiders, convicted hooligan Marsh instructs people to join him in Hove during the day and avoid the march all together.

Smeeton has very kindly pin-pointed where fascists travelling by car or minibus can park for free. Mark McCourt from Essex, who thinks that kidnapping is a way to deal with people he and friends do not find acceptable, has also written where exactly his friends should look to park in and around town.

The ‘Infidels’ also have their own plans. According to an insider, they will arrive in Brighton on Saturday afternoon and on the day of the march, plan to dress in black and mingle with antifascist protesters on Brighton beach. So anyone around the beach area need to keep their eyes peeled.

I’m relaying it here so that anyone who is interested in visiting the coast this weekend can do so without running into these racist thugs.


Parking: McCourt makes plans

Parking: McCourt makes plans


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