Is there a shortage of new, young racists?

Matthew Collins - 24 04 13
Webster: Racist then

Webster: Racist then

Those of you old enough, may well recall when the National Front was an enormous street organisation that had serious ideas about actually taking power in this country.

At its peak and at its most dangerous, the NF was led by a formidable double act of John Tyndall (who later formed the BNP) and Martin Webster (who stayed in the NF until 1983 until he was forcibly removed from the party)

Tyndall and Webster were bitter enemies for a number of years as they both blamed the other (and Margaret Thatcher) for the NF’s electoral collapse at the 1979 General Election.

Webster had a brief moment back in the spotlight when he entered the vicious BNP leadership contest that saw Nick Griffin replace Tyndall as leader of the BNP in 1999. The rather lurid intervention by Webster can be read by googling his name with Nick Griffin’s.

Now considered as somewhat of a (volatile) statesman, Webster has for the last few years been trawling the margins of the political far-right offering his opinions on a number of issues, almost all of which appear to resolve around the world Jewish conspiracy that has driven his world view for over fifty years.

Since Tyndall’s death in 2005 and the rise and demise of the BNP in his absence, Webster has found himself welcomed back into many of the same circles that conspired with both Tyndall and later Nick Griffin, to drive him from the far-right, when it suited them, because of his sexuality.

Now Webster appears to have come full circle. He has shared platforms with a number of persons behind the recently formed and still inactive, British Democratic Party, even joining many of them to see the American racist Jared Taylor last week, where Martin contributed with an explosive rant about Jews.

But yesterday his name appeared on the BDP’s website, having penned an article for them. The sixty nine year old has lost none of his bite, either. It’s a good old fashioned piece of racist scaremongering, the sort the BDP would be distributing if they could get around to actually producing a magazine or newspaper of some sort.

Unable to drum up any new members, the BDP has dug up something rather vile instead.

Webster: Racist now

Webster: Racist now


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