Neo Nazis Turn Out For The BNP

Matthew Collins - 25 04 13
Danny & Anthony Robinson

Danny & Anthony Robinson

Nick Griffin and the BNP always like to tell people that they aren’t Nazi skinheads and that they are really honest, law abiding citizens.

However, as we all know the reality behind that statement is somewhat different.

Just last week Gary Tumulty and his North West BNP held one of their regular meetings in the Salford area.

Most of those attending were the regular racist dregs who normally attend Tumulty’s meetings.

Yet there was two faces who stood out from the rest, Salford brothers Danny and Anthony Robinson.

The Robinson brothers are very much violent Neo Nazi skinheads and have been members of a variety of extreme right wing groups such as The British Freedom Fighters, The British People’s Party, The Racial Volunteer Force and The Aryan Strike Force.

At a British People’s Party meeting held in London several years ago Anthony Robinson was arrested by police after he was found to be carrying a pepper spray, his brother Danny was also arrested for possession of an offensive weapon.

The brothers have been photographed at a number of meetings of the British Freedom Fighters, whose leader Mike Heaton was jailed for 30 months in 2010 after posting internet messages calling for Jews to be destroyed.

As Nick Griffin desperately tries to hold onto his North West MEP seat that comes up for re-election in 2014, it’s interesting to see what sort of activist he will be using delivering his hate filled propaganda.

The Robinson Brothers at last weeks Salford meeting

The Robinson Brothers at last weeks Salford meeting


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