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Matthew Collins - 26 04 13
Buckby: Has no friends-but does have a tattoo.

Buckby: Has no friends-but does have a tattoo.

Potentially very bad news for the English Democrats in Kent, where the police have announced they are launching a fraud investigation ahead of next week’s county council elections.

No doubt the party’s Kent supremo Steve Uncles will be blaming someone in Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland for this fine mess the party is facing. One of the nominations that the police are believed to be investigating is that of Anna Cleves, of whom Steve Uncles has removed from his blogsite, a glowing tribute that he wrote of her. I’ve attached it here, but will say no more other than there does seem to be a lot of EDP candidates with misspelt surnames standing in Kent.. Perhaps Katrina Aragon is also standing for the EDP?

Let’s say we were surprised, but not shocked to read the thoughts of UKip candidate Anna-Marie Crampton who is representing the eurosceptic party in Crowborough for the East Sussex County Council elections. it seems that Ms Crampton is not only sceptical about the EU. Ms Crampton formed her world view on Jews and the Holocaust from reading the disgusting and well known forgery known as the Protocols of Zion. Said book also helped Hitler form his opinions on Jews too.

One quoted UKip spokesperson told a news source that ““We need to chase her down. These comments are really way out there and really hard-core anti-Zionism.” In my opinon, they’re not. They’re anti-Semetic.

Jim Dowson returned to the political arena yesterday, with the announcement that he is one of the brains behind the “Protestant Coalition” that has emerged as a new political party in Northern Ireland. The coalition has stated that it has “no political ambitions” which given Dowson’s previous involvement with both the BNP, the EDP and Britain First, is something we could have told people about Dowson in the first place.

What is interesting, however, is that Dowson is currently prohibited by his bail conditions from using or communicating by either telephone or by email. Perhaps he has been using a carrier pigeon instead…

No such election traumas for the British Democratic Party. Having decided that UKip will possibly be too formidable an opponent at these coming elections, the BDP has been busy doing absolutely nothing of any use, anywhere. Many have already spotted the party’s obsession with copying everything that the BNP says, but today they took it a step further. Party leader Kevin Scott has started given updates on the birds that he sees during the long walk from his living room to the off license. Perhaps he has decided to be the new Simon Darby? He already annoys most of the former BNP members who back his party in pretty much the say way Darby did too.

Over in the BNP, people will be relived to hear that London regional organiser and pornographer Steve Squire has reneged on his plan to quit. Sadly for the BNP though, the swashbuckling Jack Buckby has left for good and teamed up with the dynamic Paul Weston of UKip/EDL/BFP infamy.

Buckby told the Liberty website that his “vision of the future is a youth that embraces traditionalism, conservatism and is inspired to do something with their life. Now is not a time for handouts, or for making life easy for people who identify as victims. A prosperous Britain requires a population of people who are willing to work hard to do well, and to stand up and be heard if they want to make a change.”

Weston has kindly agreed to speak at Buckby’s far-right get together in London in June. Weston, somewhat of a clown himself, is speaking on the subject of “British comedy”, which will no doubt be a run through of all of the great Bernard Manning gags that the “Cultural Marxists” have banned from the television. My own vision for the future of this youth, Buckby, is more like this arrangement from Spitting Image.

The BNP is said to be preparing a major assault on Buckby’s sensibilities over his apparent growing and vocal belief that the party has become a little too Nazi (again). Let’s hope they don’t send Pete Molloy to find him. That idiot can’t even remember where he is meant to be candidate next week.

Kevin Scott: Wants to be as boring as Simon Darby

Kevin Scott: Wants to be as boring as Simon Darby


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