Lennon still hanging on

Matthew Collins - 08 05 13
Renton: Left the EVF to run back to Lennon

Renton: Left the EVF to run back to Lennon

After the EDL’s debacle in Leeds last weekened (which followed a series of other debacles), EDL chief Stephen Lennon has been told by his few remaining supporters that if he does not turn up to the EDL’s Newcastle demonstration at the end of the month, they will be replacing him as leader.

Not that it’s likely they physically can do this, but since his release from prison, Lennon has become somewhat of an enigma, only really surfacing to wrestle control of the EDL’s facebook page from the East Anglia division who had turned it in to some kind of racist junk shop for people who bet on football.

Lennon is holding firm that he is still in charge of the organisation but his non-appearance at the Leeds demonstration allowed a number of his detractors to spread further poison about him. Lennon claims he spent the day at the seaside with his family. No doubt his mind was on other matters, most likely his appearance in court today in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

The realignment of the rest of the counter-Jihad street movement does not seem to have caused Lennon too many sleepless nights. English National Resistance (ENR), the umbrella organisation launched by Jim Dowson and Paul Prodromou seems to have stalled since Dowson went on radio silence and Prodromou ran the March For England demonstration in Brighton into the ground last month.

At the beginning of May, the English Volunteer Force (EVF) announced that it was joining the English Democrats, Prodromou’s South East Alliance (SEA) and Dowson’s own Britain First in the umbrella organisation. No sooner was that announced then a number of EVF members decided that they would be re-joining the English Defence League (EDL) because they could not work with Dowson’s errand boy and former BNP young gun, Paul Golding.

EVF leader Chris Renton (aka John Sheridan) agreed with Lennon to not attend the Brighton rally as it was under the control of the ENR. A number of other EVF/EDL who did turn up in Brighton did not go on the march as it was led by ENR/SEA leader Prodromou, who the EDL has taken to calling “Stavros”.

Lennon has confirmed he will be in Newcastle. The last time he came up against people from the North East, Lennon’s cousin claims the rival racist gang the Infidels tried to kill them them after a disastrous rally in Blackburn. With this in mind, is it any wonder that Lennon is trying to claw his army back?

Demand: Turn up "Tommy" or turn off

Demand: Turn up “Tommy” or turn off


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