Bishop to address far-right conference of Jew haters

Matthew Collins - 14 05 13
Bishop Williamson: Holocaust denier

Bishop Williamson: Holocaust denier

A Catholic Bishop who has described Jews as the “enemy of Christ” is set to address a conference in London this Sunday attended and organised by Holocaust deniers from across the British far-right.

The controversial Bishop, Richard Williamson, was expelled from the Society of St. Pius X last year after years of controversy over his outspoken attacks on Jews and his own Holocaust denial. Earlier this year he was fined by a German court after he denied Jews and other victims of the Holocaust had been “deliberately gassed.”

Bishop Williamson sparked a global crisis in Jewish-Catholic relations in 2009 for denying the Holocaust shortly before Pope Benedict XVI readmitted him to the church (after Pope John Paul II had excommunicated him).

The 73 year old has long been admired by members of the far-right around the world for his views, while the mainstream Catholic Church has desperately tried to distance themselves from him. Born in the UK, Bishop Williamson had previously spent most of his time in the United States before retiring here to continue his “teachings.” He has been well received by Jew haters and Holocaust deniers here.

The meeting is billed as a meeting of the “British Nationalist Friends of Palestine,” but will include pretty much the same sort of people who attend these usual Holocaust denying functions under the many different other names used by the meeting’s organiser, Jeremy Bedford-Turner.

Turner has for years been trying to organise the far-right in this country in his role as some kind of self-appointed saviour of fascism. His influence however, extends to meetings in grotty hotels and hanging around on National Front marches.

Although there will be no actual Palestinians at the meeting, the Iranian government’s Nazi bag-man Peter Rushton will speak, as will Lady Michele Renouf, another darling of the Iranian and Russian media.

Rushton: Followed by another veteran Jew hater, Richard Edmonds

Rushton: Followed by another veteran Jew hater, Richard Edmonds


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