Sick BNP attacks grooming victim’s mother

Matthew Collins - 15 05 13
Vile: Simon Darby (right) pictured with Mark Walker

Vile: Simon Darby (right) pictured with Mark Walker

There’s outright fury from the BNP today over an article in the Daily Mirror concerning child grooming.

The BNP’s occasional (it is occasional, as few people bother to ring them) Press Officer, Simon Darby, is furious with the mother of a victim of grooming.

Darby, a notorious and monotone bore who spends his time shovelling and sweeping up behind the error prone bigot that is his boss Nick Griffin, has described Angela Sinfield as a “Bigoted, white liberal fantasist,” who “writhes in self-loathing ecstasy..”

Sinfield, a factory worker, is the mother of a child groomed by a sex gang in Keighley,West Yorkshire in and around the year 2000.

Darby and the BNP have obviously taken exception to the fact that rather than start a riot or go out and feather the political nest of their own tiny, inconsequential and squalid political gang of social lepers, rapists, child abusers, terrorists and racist murderers that is the BNP, Sinfield helped change the law on grooming and also gave short shrift to the BNP who wanted to capitalise on her and her daughter’s misery.

Upon discovering that the BNP was using her daughter’s story to recruit and stir up racism in 2006, she stood against the BNP council candidate in Keighley and won. To really rub the BNP’s nose in it, Angela told the media that covered her story at the time “It’s not a race issue, there are paedophiles in every walk of life.”

This is of course, not something that the BNP wants people to hear about. The BNP would like people to think that it is only Muslims that abuse children.

Darby, who like his leader Nick Griffin, has been caught up in sex scandals of his own in the recent past, does not have any children of his own. Instead, he sits on his computer bragging about his louche lifestyle of bargain pork chops and cheap bottles of wine. Upon reading Sinfield’s story, Darby wrote it was “a truly disgusting and crass offering that wouldn’t look out of place in Pyongyang.” This from a political party whose own policies come straight from Nazi Germany!

Angela Sinfield got a law changed and there is more work to do. The BNP gets banged up by the law and will soon all be out of jobs.

If they can’t make political headway out of people’s misery, then the BNP is not interested in them at all. No matter what colour they are; even white people like Angela and her daughter. They just do not give a toss.

It’s because of Angela Sinfield’s campaign that people can now be prosecuted for child grooming offences-regardless of their colour or their religion. No wonder the BNP hates her.

We have no problem with listing all of the BNP members and supports and other Nazis who you would not allow to babysit your children. When will the BNP do the same?


NB: Darby is pictured with Mark Walker, a BNP member you can read about here.

Offensive: postive news is never good news to the BNP

Offensive: postive news is never good news to the BNP


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