Enough is enough of these dangerous lies

Matthew Collins - 16 05 13

Yesterday evening we revealed how the EDL leadership is spreading a vile and disturbing rumour that a seven year old child-who later became a year seven pupil-at a school in Luton, had been gang-raped by a gang of Muslim youths, and that there was a conspiracy to cover up the alleged crime.

In fact, there had been no such crime reported in Luton.

Later in the evening, we called upon the EDL leadership to report this alleged crime to the police. As of 10.00am this morning, surprisingly, the EDL leadership of Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll had still not reported this alleged crime to the police.

Instead of reporting the alleged crime-a crime that Hope Not Hate would utterly condemn and demand that arrests were made and justice prevailed-the EDL has instead, continued with a barrage of threats, intimidation, half-truths and out and out racism.

The EDL’s leader, Stephen Lennon, is a convicted liar and fraudster. Yesterday he used social media to tell his followers that the crime had been “confirmed” to him. He did not say by whom. He then wrote how “Luton needs to brace itself,” no doubt a threat from him on behalf of what remains of his moronic following of more indiscriminate violence directed at the Muslim community in the wake of the shocking discovery that he alleged he had made.

His cousin and co-leader is Kevin Carroll, another notorious native of Luton, who once harboured political ambitions. Last year Carroll stood for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, where he was, thankfully, not elected.

Carroll also tweeted to his followers that Luton was ready to “implode” stating that a Moslem (sic) gang had raped a child, and that Luton was the “biggest pressure cooker in the UK.”

Yes, it probably is. The English Defence League is more than just a symptom of said pressure cooker. They are one side of a coin that is driven by lies and extremism to create tensions among communities that try to live together in often difficult and challenging circumstances. The “pressure cooker” is a direct result of the continued actions of the EDL in spreading fear, racism and violence in the town.

It seems to many people observing the desperate behaviour of the EDL’s leadership, that they are more interested in starting a riot in Luton than actually helping exposing this sordid crime. The reason? Not only are they both habitual thugs and liars, their entire empire was built and can only be sustained on lies.

The news that a child has been raped in her school has now spread right across the town among those who still listen to this despicable pair of liars. If this lie is not nipped in the bud, by the weekend no doubt, EDL followers will be planning a demonstration about a crime that has no victim but has plenty of accused. The EDL is accusing all Muslims of being responsible for the non-existent rape of a non-existent child, in a non-existent school at a non-existent time.

The EDL is not seeking justice, they are seeking a lynch mob. At a time when there are very serious concerns about crimes against children in this country, one has to ask what sick and warped individuals would create further fear, revulsion, disgust and tension surely for personal gain?

The answer is, hateful people, driven by a hatred and greed that supersedes all common decency. People that lie, that cheat, that use violence as the very means of their existence. People like Lennon and Carroll, that issue chilling threats and create the imagery of child in severe, unthinkable distress, for their own twisted needs.

Hope Not Hate is now calling for the Bedfordshire Police to investigate not just the allegation that a child has been raped in Luton, but also, the comments by Kevin Carroll and Stephen Lennon that are likely in our opinion, to incite religious hatred and violent disorder.

Enough is enough.

Burning down schools??

Burning down schools??


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