BNP tells porkie pies again

Matthew Collins - 17 05 13
Griffin: He loves a porky pie

Griffin: He loves a porky pie

Nick Griffin is often telling people how much he admires Russian democracy. It was one of the first things he tweeted about after the BNP got a hammering at the polls earlier this month.

So it is no surprise to often read a lot of pro-Vladimir Putin output on the BNP’s website. Today was no different, going on about Putin’s five minute standing ovation for a speech he allegedly gave in the Duma (the Russian parliament) telling foreigners to be more like Russians, respect their laws, no to Sharia Law, etc, etc when living in their country, or to go elsewhere.

It’s the same speech, exactly the same speech, often attributed to the Australian PM (in fact to the current and the two former Australian PM’s) with the words Russian and Russia replaced by Australian and Australia.

I think we get to see a chain email of the Australian version of said speech at least twice a month. Funnily enough, we never get to see or hear these words actually spoken. If you do want to see a good speech by an Australian PM, try this

Obviously, after we stopped Griffin getting into Australia a couple of years ago, the BNP has little interest in even attributing good old fashioned Xenophobia to Australia these days.

No, for them, a good old fashioned, racist speech, that nobody has actually seen or heard, would obviously come from their heroes in Russia. And the BNP wants people to share this excellent speech, obviously…

Sadly, the speech has already been proven a fake piece of racist spam mail, intended to get people hot under the collar. The fake has been taken apart here, perfectly.

Silly old BNP, you might think. I think something a little stronger myself, personally, but (other than being stupid), why would the BNP fall for such a thing?

Well, last week the BNP sent out another one of its weird and wonderful begging emails. In the email, the BNP talks about the “awesome power” of the internet. Yes, I thought immediately of a pyramid scheme being sold to me.

The BNP spoke about using “new techniques” to recruit members, and especially, “online activists”. The email told me that I too could be an important part of this new initiative that the party had come up with.

What was the super new initiative to help build the crumbling party? Well yes, spam and chain emails like the very one they have on their website, sadly.

They promised they’d let me into this secret if they sent me a few bob.

So not for the BNP reinventing the wheel, but actually for them, it’s reinventing spam email. Racist spam email at that.

Just to make sure, here is Putin’s diary from the day in question:  No recorded speeches from Putin on that day and only two meetings

What bloody liars the BNP are


Spam it: The BNP now tells their followers to spread the lie

Spam it: The BNP now tells their followers to spread the lie


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