BNP man suggests snipers to shoot antifascists

Matthew Collins - 04 06 13
Imrie (left): Frustrated sex tourist and gunman it would seem

Imrie (left): Frustrated sex tourist and gunman it would seem

We never have anything nice to write about the BNP’s Thomas Imrie. Imrie is apparently Nick Griffin’s most trusted confidant in Scotland. He’s also a sex tourist who likes to go to Thailand, and despite his membership and associations with a number of racist organisations, pays for sex with Thai women.

On Sunday the BNP sent out another begging email, surprisingly this time, asking for members as well as funds. That they needed new members must have struck them sometime on Saturday afternoon, when only 133 BNP members and supporters bothered to travel to London to listen to Nick Griffin.

In response to the BNP’s email, which unsurprisingly banged on and on about a conspiracy between Muslims and others to deny the BNP a race war, Imrie, (who also like to be known as “Choo-Choo” by all accounts,) decided that the best way for the far-right to respond to their ever decreasing fortunes is to drive around in cars with “sniper crews.. to pick off the lefties and show them what violence is about.”

"Sniper Crews": Can you buy those in Thailand too?

"Sniper Crews": Can you buy those in Thailand too?


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