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Matthew Collins - 11 07 13
Sam Mayhew

Sam Mayhew

It should come as no surprise that we dont have anything good to say about Nick Griffin or the BNP.

Last month we wrote about the resignation of Thurrock organiser Sam Mayhew, one of the BNP’s young guns.

We said then that the reason for his sudden resignation was unclear and left the region in a state of disarray.

Well,straight from the horses mouth we have Mayhew’s reasons that he posted on his Facebook profile as to why he turned his back on the BNP and it certainly makes interesting reading.

Mayhew wrote “Look, there are so many reasons that have led to me making this decision, I haven’t been happy for a long time with the way the party is being managed and the sheer lack of it.”

“I don’t like the fact that people are being given positions of organizer,regional organizer and so on, willy nilly, most of the time incompetent and not fit for the job and more often than not these people are perusing egotistical agenda’s, that are always put firmly above anything else and consequently the regions,branches or groups are failing in terms of things such as recruiting activists and electioneering.”

“The only thing NG (Nick Griffin) and the leadership clique seem to only be really interested in and focused on is making money”.

Continuing he wrote ” Nobody has told me anything these are entirely my own observations from the the time I have spent in the party. I did put forward some ideas that I had to my regional organizer, but he is one of the people I mentioned above, not fit and perusing an agenda, so they fell on deaf ears.”

“I don’t remember there being a time to come forward, or any kind of vote to appoint someone, people are just hand picked by the leadership clique based on what they are looking for not necessarily whats good for the party”.

Can’t say we would argue with any of that.



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